FireFox Error

I keep getting this error in FF and it basically crashes the browser. It only happens on the laptop and not on the desktop at all. Both systems are running V It seems to be happening when a page is running a remote script to something like Google Analytics or some other ad server.

Any thots out there on what is going on?


  1. I get the same error using the Yahoo Mail (beta). I am running the same FF version you do, and it seems to happen when hardware resources go low.

    Not sure why it happens…

  2. Weird. I have a similar problem, but also not similar…heh.

    Firefox slows my laptop down substantially…so much so, that it completely hangs the machine after a few minutes of use. But it runs fine on my desktop. Not getting that script error though.

  3. type about:config in your address bar, type max_script_run_time in the filter, up it to whatever fixes the problem, under 30, by right clicking and selecting new integer.

  4. Had the same error multiple times when attaching a file to a message in Gmail. Looks like in my case it was caused by slowing internet connection.

  5. I get the same script error… only on my laptop. All desktops are fine. Sort of makes it seem like a pattern is starting to emerge… FF is not good for laptops. It’s both of my laptops, too. All 4 desktops are fine.

  6. I saw that one several times also on my laptop.
    Usualy heppens when I’m trying to run some bad script, so i usually just cancel it heh.
    It was 5sec, changed it to 15sec, will see if it helps..


  7. First time I saw this, I said, cool, Firefox has a timeout option to cancel or continue. Sometimes a recursive Javascript can cause some slowdown in processing the page. And Sometimes a slowdown in traffic from any end from the browser to the server hosting the site can cause a slowdown too. Now if these two “sometimes” happen at the same time, it is like getting no response for long periods of time. If this happens in IE, you get an operation timeout. And you need to refresh the page again.

    If this happens in Firefox, you have the option to cancel since you hate the site already. Or you have the option of continuing and you are willing to wait.

    But I guess every person has their own preference on how long of inactivity should be considered as inactivity and when will be the time to give you the option to stop or continue. And if for any one, if this dialog box appears to early for you, there should be a setting in firefox somewhere to make it wait a bit longer before the message appears.

    But talking about something else and about Firefox, is I get big slowdowns if I get tons of tabs open. And if some of the tabs have video files that were played. On Windows, with the Ctrl-Alt-Delete button to get the task manager… then go to the processes tab, I arrange the list by memory used, sometimes Firefox uses a lot of memory and sometimes reaches 300MB and tops the list of applications in memory consumption. I just close Firefox and open it again, and avoid opening too many tabs.

  8. This just started happening EVERY time I open Firefox on my desktop since the most recent “patch”. My notebook does NOT have the problem. I’m not a programmer so I don’t understand scripts, but when I open to homepage it happens on desktop not notebook, and if I click on a link in an email it happens on desktop but not on notebook. Isn’t a script some code in the page? I already tried reinstalling Firefox on the desktop and increased the filter to 15. If we’re talking 15-30 seconds, who has time for that? much less patience.
    I know this is an old blog but hope someone is still reading it.

  9. I just downloaded the new version of FireFox and started to get the same error, did you ever get a fix for this?

  10. For some reason I get that now and again. It seems to happen when the website is trying to load Amazon or a video. It’s really anoying whatever it is.