iPhone Launches

wow – damn cool looking device but is that any suprise? Apple is completely about style. In the PC world nobody comes close for pure sexiness of design. In the cell phone world there are some cool devices for sure but the iPhone has completely eclipsed everything eye candywise. Launch info here and here. iphone.jpg


  1. Sweet. I want one now. Did you need my address?

  2. I’ve been thinking about the difference between a button breaking on a current gen phone and what the equivalent is for the iphone — seems like it would always work or always not work.

    I want one, but I know I’d just get it scratched up within the first 24 hours.

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  4. wow i want this fucking cell phone!!!!!!!!

  5. I have the IPhone since 1 year now and it is the best gadget since the lunch of the first Ipod. Just a great design and good functions.


  1. […] It’s the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas and it’s exciting, heck it even woke up slumbering giants from nearly a month of inactivity. I also know every gadget blogger worth their salt is at the show blogging their little hearts out trying to get the scoop and competing for attention. I only have 3-4 gadget blogs in my reader, but good lord you all are killing me this week, with 10-20 posts per day, per blog. It’s a PIA to wade through over 100+ posts about the show a day. Somebody going to get hurt, and someone will get dropped from the feed pool if it doesn’t let up. […]