Feedburner Numbers Jump

I’ve seen a lot of reports lately about FeedBurner subscription numbers jumping up drastically sometime in the past couple weeks. I’m too lazy to go find the actual posts but what reminded me of this was meeting a couple dudes from FeedBurner here in the Range offices about an hour ago. I poked my head into the meeting and asked them straight up what was the deal with the numbers jump and they told me that it was essentially Google and to a lesser extent services like MyYahoo and Bloglines actually reporting back to FeedBurner accurate numbers of subscribers in their respective services. Essentially Google et al was, for all intents and purposes, showing up as only one subscriber. So even if 1000 people were subscribed to your FeedBurner feed via Google Reader or Blogines etc it was only showing up to FeedBurner as one subscriber. Now that the readers are reporting numbers back to FeedBurner you are seeing the true number of subscribers you have. Sorry to say none of you generated a ton of new subscibers overnight but at least you can bump your ad rates because your readership is higher than you thought. Watch the FeedBurner blog in the next few days for a more detailed explanation.


  1. Thanks for the tip Todd, I saw the spike hit up on mine over the weekend and thought it was a fluke! Glad to hear it’s not, and thanks for sharing the info.