Yeah – Houston we have another blogger…

Finally got the blog up and running. I have to hand it to Word Press. They really put out a solid product here. I’m running version 1.5 in beta (a nightly build from 3 or 4 days ago) and it is absolutely brilliant. Easy install and application of ‘Themes’ or ‘Styles’. Tried my hand at installing Moveable Type last week and decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Word Press is: download, edit 4 lines, upload, run install script and fill out a few form fields, start posting….total of about 4 minutes.


  1. About time 😉

  2. Took me a lil’ longer to figure out wordpress, but I had too import from blogger…great system though for sure…good to see ya bloggin’.

  3. Hey Todd,

    Good to see you putting your free time to good use. We should catch-up sometime. I had 5 years with Chevron and I understand you put a little time in at another multi-national dinosaur liquifier….