Zawodny and Links

I keep forgetting that the people I blog about may actually swing by here and read as in the case of Jeremy Zawodny. He stopped by and did me the favor of a link to my recent post about his Sponsored Links. Here’s what he had to say:

#3 In Links, Condoms, Shit and Fans we learn that I’m “essentially daring the engines to throttle his outflow of link juice.”

I assure you, if that was my goal I could have come up with a much more dramatic way of doing it. (No, I’d rather not explain what that might be.)

But, hey, good attempt to make it look like I’m playing chicken with the folks in Mountain View or my co-workers. I’d give it a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10.

So let me clarify. I’m sure that Jeremey did not wake up one morning and decide that he should get in a game of chicken with Matt and Google. Rather, he decided that maybe he could make some pocket change promoting advertisers he deemed acceptable to put on his blog. That’s totally cool and I don’t think it should prompt any response from anyone at all. It’s his blog he can do as he pleases. But….

There is a bigger picture and no matter how innocent Jeremy’s intentions are the fact remains that his decision to sell links has an impact on the industry. Sorry Jeremy – nothing personal 🙂


  1. Just thought that you should know that one of my clients who did buy links on Zawodny’s blog got this today:

    “Dear Advertisers on Jeremy Zawodny’s blog,

    We are sorry to inform you that Jeremy has decided not to renew our advertising for month two. It is very rare for our publishing partners to cancel after one month but unfortunately that is the case here. Your card will not be charged for a second month on this site. We will have some great opportunities for you in January and we will make sure they are long term deals! Thanks again and best of luck in 2006!”


  1. ActoNetwork says:

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