Yahoo Announces NOYDIR Tag

Last year Yahoo mentioned they were working on their version of the NO ODP tag and today they’ve announced officially that the NOYDIR tag is live and will be supported immediately in the US, Japan and Korea (we’ll assume Canada will supported along with the US right?)

I’m glad they’re doing it but in my mind it’s still backwards. We take the time to create proper meta tags and we have to tell search engines to use the content on our pages? Oh well, like I say, it’s good that it’s here. Have you tried to change a Yahoo Directory listing lately?


  1. Tried to change it? That’s a good one. 🙂

    If our Yahoo directory listing wasn’t so bad, it might show up, but it doesn’t include any keywords that we rank for. Well, that’s what happens when it’s still out there from ’99.

  2. I hate yahoo I rarely use it anymore the entire place is outdated.

  3. Don’t bash Yahoo! My SEO techniques are so bad it’s the only place I still get hits from….oh ya, MSN too.

  4. mmmm, didja want to mention the *relatively* new unavailable_after metatag sometime? 🙂

    For big brands it nullifies the need to .301 old pages and deal with numerous .404s, especially for short-lived targeted campaigns that are unlikely to generate backlinks…

    Just throwing it out there as you are pretty busy and not around and kinda disappeared.. we loyal fans are not cyberstalking you understand 😉


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