WordPress takes a body blow

Waxy.org lands a body blow on popular blogging software company WordPress Inc.

What have we learned from this? Negative divs are pretty freakin stupid – cloak your links if you’re serious 😉


  1. Wow. Come on. The guy has the right to make some money. He was monetizing his site. Lord forbid 😛

  2. Bloggers are whiners by nature.

  3. I agree that he should have been more upfront about it all, but put the links out in the open and let him to monetize the site.


  1. SEO Blog says:

    WordPress and search spam

    WordPress has been caught by spamming search engines by Andy Baio. They created about 120,000 small webpages stuffed by high payed keywords like “cialis”, “credit” and so on, and put invisible links on main page of wordpress.org…

  2. […] The -9000px indent makes it invisible to all but search spiders. Cloaking is a huge no-no for Google, and all reputable search engines. GoogleGuy points out in the comments that Hot Nacho is posting the same articles in multiple places, another no-no. David Jacobs says WordPress users should change the powered by WordPress link to point to this article. Even Jason Kottke is talking about it. Yahoo’s Tim Mayer links to it. Oilman calls it “pretty freakin stupid”. Greg Yardley blames Google for not having the technology to catch this itself. Ian Landsman calls them “Lying, Cheating, Rotten, Bastards“. Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo says he’s “nofollow”ing all links to WordPress till the pages come down. […]