Rollin Like a Rockstar

When I’m on the road and generally hangin with my fellow rockstar it’s all about how we roll. We drink top shelf booze, ride around in limos, get invited to cool pre-launch events and private parties, get to wander around the Googleplex stealing the http://spamreport posters and looking for booze and all manner of other rockstarish things. It’s how we roll…until we get home. I’ve been home all weekend and here’s how we roll on the Friesen homestead:

  • swimming lessons – I have to go in the pool with the kids
  • cleaned the garage – 3 hours
  • washed the wife’s minivan – my truck is still filthy
  • mowed the lawn
  • hung pictures
  • mounted smoke detectors in the kids rooms full of inflammable toys
  • fixed the broken gate latch
  • cleaned the bbq
  • watched Bob the Builder, My Little Pony, Caillou, Dora the Explorer and more
  • took the kids to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins (that will rot on my doorstep)
  • changed various burned out light bulbs
  • read books while a 2 yr tried poopin on the potty again and again
  • organized the recycling bins

And that my friends is how I roll. Now I’m off to watch Veggie Tales…


  1. veggie tales freekin’ rocks don’t believe me check out the salesmunz rap

  2. no doubt dude. I actually don’t mind VT at all. It’s the other stuff that makes we want to put a bullet in my head.

    I used to work a Christian bookstore back when Veggie Tales first came out and the kids room was right next to the music dept where I worked. It was all VT all the time in the kids room. I had the first dozen or so videos memorized cold.

    If you want some more fun track down the mp3 of Audio Adrenaline doing “Where Is My Hairbrush?”. Awesome.

  3. Rolling around in a limousine with a fellow rock star, $320.
    Reading a book to your potty training two year old child who happens to have the runs, priceless.

  4. Not sure how old your kids are, sounds like a little older than mine, but she goes freaking nuts over Yo Gabba Gabba on Nick Jr. Gotta check it out, it’s a trip.

  5. I don’t mind it so much either. My 4 year old loves the video game, too. But some of the shows are awful. At least you weren’t forced to watch that purple turd named Barney.

  6. At least it ain’t teletoobies or teletubbies, whatever. That’s a pysco, delusional mind trip with very weird symbolism that even Dennis Hopper would say “Dude that’s a bad trip.”

  7. Hell, if that’s how rockstars roll, I’m getting a t-shirt and joining the club.

    Caillou is the biggest freakin’ whiner-boy on TV. And avoid “Lazy Town” at all costs. Noddy freaks me out, too.

    Kipper is good. Just pretend it’s Naylor (Kipper) and Grehan (Tiger) talking to each other. Y’know, the accents and all…

    Stanley is the best kids show around. Sounds like you might have to wait a little while for that one.

  8. Todd,

    Yummy, just the mention of “top shelf” gives me visions of Lagavulin and Glenlivet (3 cubes of course). I just got my ticket to PubCon. Hopefully we can get together a couple nights to hit the town right. Tonight I am going through my closet and donating any clothes I have not wore in the last 6 months. My closet is way too full for the amount of thinking I need to do in the morning when I get ready. Last time I was there I went to see Rosanne Barr and she totally killed it. I know what your thinking but don’t knock it until you try it 🙂


  9. Wow, I’m late.. and I guess my kids watch different stuff – apart from VT. DIG Veggie Tales big time in this house – very cool morals.. Gotta love Larry and the blues 🙂

    So then we have Go Diego Go! (environ stuff),

    Dora (for those of us north of the border hoping their kids might learn Spanish some day, and me too),

    Bob the builder (for that little wannabe fixer in all of us. Might just be me. I make the kids watch it…),

    Caillou – they like it.. ok by me,

    Teletubbies… I tried to ditch the suit. If it weren’t for the issues with the spectic tank I would have stuffed it down the hole.

    Barney – my 4 year old twins are wise to the nightmare that is… no go.

    Saveums – well loved by the kids – mom has to bury her head in the pillow – and remember to breathe.

    Clifford the big red dog. My baby girl loves Clifford. I personally prefer anything else – I seldom have a say. She is quite wilfull. Nothing like me 🙂

    Lazytown – I might as well give up now. The boys have super heros, and then they have REAL super heros. Dad…. Sportacus… why can’t dad flip like Sportacus?… why can’t you?… So we have three budding gymnasts. My arm hurts watching them. It hurts when they land on me. I’m not terribly big and they are getting REALLY big. All three of them together on one arm is no longer feasible. I either need bionic training, an implant or another arm.

    hmmm… probably enough right there…

  10. If you want to see how a real rockstar rolls, check me out. Now that’s a rockstar. 🙂

  11. Damn man you must either have multiple personalities or an extremely flexible mind. There’s no way I could go from debauchery to family life like that. Lol at mark Brian. I feel you buddy. It’s all in our mind right? -Nick

  12. Man! you have one hell of a life tons of people would love to have your lifestyle, but i don’t i just like to stay LOW!… n’ go with tha flow

  13. Now that’s an interesting post, how doeso ne become an “SEO rockstar” – looks like fun 😉


  14. I think everybody should spend their time like you do because it’s all about having fun and spend your time in the best way possible while you can!

  15. Oh to be a rockstar….and Bob the Builder Rocks my kids have wrecked our house since they found out how to build and dismantle things!


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