MSN, Pubcon and Vodka

Well I did make it back home from Pubcon in Las Vegas last week. Tip of the hat to Tabke and crew for a good show all around. It seems that 9 practice shows have had their impact – Pubcon X was the best yet from where I was standing. It was great to hang out with old and new friends and as usual watch Dax (rumored President of WebGuerrilla) get in some sort of shit. I’m taking up a collection to buy him some decent shoes so we don’t all wind up in the lobby again. Seriously tho – I’ll bet he paid 3X what I paid for my shoes 😉

MSN has really stepped up the webmaster relationship game as well by taking me out for dinner (well, there were a few other’s there as well including Jenstar). We had some awesome Russian food at Red Square then headed into the vodka vault for some pineapple vodka. Was lots of fun.


  1. Great outfits Todd, looks like you all had a blast (top marks for Aaron’s t-shirt btw). The girls in my office can’t believe there is actually a ‘Russian Theme’ bar somewhere in the world. We’ll have to send you a bottle of the proper stuff for Christmas eh 😉