Monkeys and Rockstars

Well I’m very pleased that WebGuerrilla will be joining me on a permanent basis on SEO Rockstars on WebmasterRadio.FM. I’m sorry to say farewell to my long time cohost bakedjake but I know his schedule simply didn’t allow him to stay on. Jake, my brother, I wish you all the best and anytime you want to come on the show just pop me a note and we’ll relive old times 🙂 So what does the future hold for SEO Rockstars? A few things: 1 – will actually launch with a blog for the show 2 – Greg and I will actually plan shows in advance 3 – Special Guests – Matt Cutts will be joining us for a show in the next few weeks for starters 4 – back to the seo – we’ve been doing fluff bits for too long now – tools, tips, tricks all coming your way Tune in every Tuesday at 4pm PST (7pm EST).


  1. I do miss Jake but WG is a great addition to the show. Planning shows? Let’s not go too far.