Yet Another SEO Contest

Well the new year promises to be rung in with style and controversy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – SEO is fun again.

John Scott over at V7N forums has announced the next SEO contest and of course this has done nothing but stir up some shit – as it should. To quote John:

Now I may be a nice, generous person, but I’m not giving away money for free. In order to qualify, the page must have a link back to the v7n home page. Participants who don’t maintain a link to the v7n home page will be disqualified.

Of course I snipped a bit off the end to further the controversy.

So what’s next? We only need to look as far as WebGuerrilla and his contest and you can see where this is going in a hurry…

Can you see what’s about to happen here?….wait for it….

I can’t help but throw my hat in the ring by matching WebGuerrilla’s dollar amounts and terms. Those terms are:

A) Not linking to V7N


B) Posting a link to Matt’s blog without using the www. (the non-www version of Matt’s blog is only a PR4, so it needs a little help)

As a small aside I must tip my hat to John on this one – he just got himself more links to his forums via this silly contest than he would have from the contest itself thanks to Greg picking up the story.

Now let’s sit back and wait for John to pick his magic nonsense term and then see who’s the last man standing.


  1. Thanks Oilman. I appreciate you helping put the word out! I have a sneaking feeling that you also just saved me $1,800. 😛

  2. What’s the rules about entering both contests? Can you have one site link to v7n, and another site link to Matt’s blog?

  3. stupid SEO contests… ridiculous.

  4. enter both contests? I don’t see why not – if one of your urls ranked for John’s contest it would save us money. That said there’s a very logical arguement that results in the conclusion that entering both contests is dumb. I’ll let you sort it out yourself from there.

  5. toddieg – I wholeheartedly agree.

  6. too damn funny.

  7. I can only thank you lot as I think i’ve found a use for a domain name I had hanging around.

    Excellent news and to be honest it’s a little fun whatever happens right?

    I’ll try monitoring the events from all angles on my site whilst trying to keep both enteries ranking high!

  8. I am in ! I love SEO contests.

  9. I dont care what you say, no matter how long youve been doing this ,

    you always learn something new by participating in these Comps.

    Plus they are fun, im not going for number one, but hoping to get in top 20

    I used a new domain

    and picking up on the recent differences between the top 3 SE’s etc

    for those ppl knocking each other, remember
    you only see in others what is in yourself.

    thats my 2 cents

    Pete 🙂


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  2. […] Oilman added his own $1,000 contest for 1st place, Mike Grehan added $1,000, and webguerrilla adds $1,800 to the pot, for 1st-5th place, BUT they require a link to Matt’s blog without using the www. […]

  3. […] One of the friend of WebGuerrilla, Oilman blogs that he will support WebGuerrilla by donating $1000 for his part of the rules. […]