MSN’s Incentivized Search Comedy

So we’ve all heard by now that MSN is incentivizing search. It’s not a horrible idea and I really like that that the big prizes are donations to charity. A little bit of social goodwill is always nice to see and can really go a long way. One a tip from SEO Protege Kerry Dean I viewed the source code of and here’s what you get:

Meta Keywords tag:

house cleaning, William Sonoma, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Blockbuster, Home Depot, money, cash, gift certificate, luggage, skin care, makeup, spa, Baby, stroller, toys, golf, gortex, ski, skis, skiis, mountain bike, mountain biking, mountain biker, snowboard, snow board, snow boarder, snowboarder, snow boarding, tennis shoes, electronics, Halo, Halo 2, Plasma, plasma tv, camera, mp3 player, dvr, portable, midcentury, house, storage, storage boxes, target, eco, printer, travel, printer, charity, philanthropy, giving, Netflix, film movement, Consumer Reports, magazine, magazines, Zagat, Theaters, movies, independent films, independent film, independent movies, product ratings, ratings, consumer product ratings, magazine subscription, magazine subscriptions, restaurant guide, movie theaters, house cleaning services, gourmet foods, coffee, Barnes and Noble, Blockbuster movies, home improvement, win, gifts, gift check, bags, skin, blush, beauty, toddler, maternity, newborn, golf club, polar fleece, downhill, fat tire, fattire, Burton, athletic shoes, home theater, joy stick, Flat screen, Flatscreen, flat screen tv, flatscreen tv, digital camera, mp3, digital video recorder, portable tv, midcentury modern, home, organize, organizer, organization, amy coe, eco friendly, printer cartridge, hotels, printer cartridge, donation, red cross, non-profit, DVDs, foreign film, foreign films, foreign movies, product reviews, consumer product reviews, Amazon magazines, Amazon magazine, restaurant survey, theatres, maids, gourmet, latte, books, Blockbuster movies online, doors, money exchange, travelers checks, American Express, purses, perfume, eye shadow, massage, massage therapy, infant clothing, trimester, baby books, golf accessories, polartec, slalom, single track, Shaun White, athletic gear, consumer electronics, mist, hdtv, hdtv ready, hdtv capable, mega pixel, mega pixels, Windows media, tivo, wireless, furniture, modern furniture, houseware, housewares, home organizer, home organization, design for all, green design, printer refills, luxury hotel, printer refills, fund raising, environment, Hurricane Katrina, top video rentals, Cannes, Cannes Film Festival, buying guide, buying guides, magazine order, magazine orders, Zagat survey, movie theatres, maid services, gourmet cooking, espresso, books online, movie rental, lumber, present, debit card, credit card, luggage set, fragrances, mascara, manicure, pedicure, nursery, nursing, gerber, golf putter, fleece, moguls, cycle, Gretchen Bleiler, sports gear, dvd player, playstation, digital cable, digital photo, WMA, Directtv, Directv, direct tv, wi-fi, modern architecture, furniture, furnishings, living room furniture, container, containers, isaac mizrahi, sustainable design, home office, resort, home office, donate, foundation, charitable foundation, online movie rental, Sundance, Sundance Film Festival, product guide, product guides, Time magazine, restaurant reviews, AMC, merry maids, cookware, Starbucks stores, Borders, dvd rental, windows, travel, toys, online shopping, handbags, eye cream, lip gloss , facial, spa facial, baby shower, baby gear, baby albums, golf ball, backcountry, back country, boots, ski boots, cycling, Hannah Teter, sports shoes, cd player, sony playstation, superbowl, canon, real, real audio, videophile, sony, modern design, placemat, place setting, place settings, closet organizer, michael graves, prefab, pre-fab, desk, vacation, desk, donor, homeless, social change, movies online, film festivals, top rated, Newsweek magazine, restaurant ratings, AMC theaters, mop, gourmet cookware, Starbucks locations, book best sellers, video, roof, leisure, camera, office supply, backpacks, soap, lipstick, Pamper, pampering, infant care, car seat, carseat, diaper rash, golf accessories, hiking, bindings, ski bindings, trail, Danny Kass, marathon, marathons, stereo, stereos, stereo equipment, game boy, frye’s, nikon, portable music, audiophile, cutting edge, mod, mod design, carafe, clutter, mossimo, renewable energy, cable modem, getaway, cable modem, united way, philanthropic, volunteer opportunities, videos, top independent films, top independent movies, geek files, In Style magazine, dining reviews, movie listing, floor wax, specialty foods, Starbucks gift card, best sellers, popcorn, tools, shopping, lipstick, printer, clutch purses, skin cleansors, nail polish, hot stone therapy, hot stone massage, OB, OBGYN, Diapers, diaper, postpartum, post partum, PGA, Mountaineer, mountaineering, alpine, alpine skiing, trail riding, Nate Holland, 10k race, 5k race, Pc, Computer, Desktop, Notebook, laptop, nintendo, espn, kodak, walkman, magnolia hi-fi, roaming, lighting, glasses, drinking glasses, water glasses, queer eye, queer eye for the straight guy, liz lange, hybrid, hybrid suv, high speed internet, weekend escapes, high speed internet, volunteerism, volunteer , teach for America, video rental, top foreign films, top foreign movies, file cart, People Magazine, dining ratings, movie listings, windex, kitchen appliances, hear music, book recommendations, hollywood, lighting, cars, perfume, printer supplies, carry-ons, moisturizers, nail polish remover, day spa, dayspa, breast pump, pacifier, birth, LPGA, crampons, ski racing, Andy Finch, Runner, running, software, xbox 360, panasonic, shutterfly, ipod, entertainment, designers, designer furniture, wine glasses, trading spaces, books, prius, DSL, valentine’s day, DSL, peace corp, public television, NPR, Hollywood movies, Cannes Film Festival winners, epinions, House & Garden Magazine, top restaurant ratings, top movies, floor cleaner, kitchen equipment, buy coffee, book reviews, movie star, decks, automobiles, ear ring, print refills, garment bags, bath oil, face powder, wattsu, watsu, diaper bag, crib, labor, michelle wie, rock climbing, climbing, snow plow, snowboarding, sportsbra, sports bra, hardware, xbox, aspect ratio, ofoto, itunes, kitchen tv, rugs, stemware, home 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pets, pet care, pet supplies, road trip, save the children, wine, burgundy, california cab, pillows, throw pillows, throws blanket, oprah, 24

Click here Music Education for children a playful manner to singing, speech, music, motion and organology.

This incy wincy little list is repeated again in the body in comment form. I didn’t think I needed to paste it in here twice 🙂

If you look at he meta tags you also find this: meta name=”Author” content=”Hook Network”. Google around a bit (or MSN around or Yahoo around) and you’ll find a French agency that does appear to have some ties to Microsoft but the site is flash and I don’t speak French other than what’s on a cereal box here in Canada and Hook Networks does not appear to be sugar free or a source of any essential viatamins and minerals.

Go view it now in the wild as I expect it won’t last long.

My favorite ‘targeted’ word in there: placenta. What the heck do you win searching for that?


  1. You couldn’t have waited till I got a plasma tv to post this?

  2. I think I should just keep searching for Starbucks over and over again until I win some Starbucks goodness 🙂

  3. Hi,

    If you look in the bottom left corner of your browser when the MSN Search & Win is resolving, you will see:


  4. enndot, LOL.

    It’s this sort of thing that makes it clear that spam is like little white lies … everywhere. Hehe. Funniest thing I’ve seen in weeks.

  5. What about “Modernism”? What’s that all about?

  6. Don’t think these keywords really do anything for the contest. MSN is doing this ‘keyword spam’ to get it’s listing up on other search engines.

    Getting desperate? It’s sucks to be you Microsoft.

  7. You got mentioned in the WSJ today! Bravo!

  8. Robert Charlton says:


    “This incy wincy little list is repeated again in the body in comment form. I didn’t think I needed to paste it in here twice.”

    You never know. It might help you rank better for “oprah” on MSN. 😉

  9. Now all we need is a script that will automatically search for those terms… And I noticed that their search and win page requires activeX too… M$ is truly pathetic…

  10. what is strange is that google still not indexed it.

  11. This is bogus. The terms are simply used to by the animated
    ‘typing’ of seemingly random terms in the search box while the screen is sitting idle. These are NOT winning terms, just sample winning terms. Go to and just watch the search box… you will see each of these terms appear in random order.

  12. >>This is bogus

    Everybody please note that I have never once said anything about this keyword list being the winning terms. I simply pointed out the crazy ass keyword stuffing. 😉

    Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go buy a copy of TIME magazine.



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  4. MSN’s Incentivized Search Hacked

    It was even faster than I thought, and not random at all. A couple of hours after I posted, Oilman posted:
    I viewed the source code of and here’s what you get:
    Meta Keywords tag:
    house cleaning, William Sonoma, Starbucks, Barn…

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