MSN Live Search Adds Linkfromdomain Operator

Finally MSN does something nifty with search: an outbound link operator. Who do you link TO? That’s some excellent new data to add to your competitive research projects. Now if only MSN would get crawling more of the web.

We have one new, very exciting operator: LinkFromDomain. Using LinkFromDomain in your search includes all sites that are linked from a given domain. This complements LinkDomain (which includes all sites that link to a given domain) that was introduced back in June, 05.

More info here. If you’re really quiet you can here the scrapers firing up…


  1. This is a first! Among other things, you can look at authority sites and find other high quality sites to backlink.

  2. No good will come from this (she says as she goes to search for who competitors link out to and to see if there is a pattern)

  3. Todd, this is brilliant! I am happy to say I heard it here first :P… Reverse engineering link popularity, anyone?

  4. I think this is really cool and just did a review of it on my blog, including things like how you can use it to see if your site has been hacked or how it may be used to point out a hack to a potential client.

    Jack Spirko

  5. It’s great that they are innovating. Since they are still fighting the ability just to crawl sites I think they should focus on one thing before expanding.

  6. looksreally promising and fast indexing pages. Hope they will knockout Google someday 🙂

  7. This isn’t working anymore.

    Does anyone know the new operators for linkfromdomain and regular linkdomain to show all inbound links?

    The other week was working but now it isn’t.


  8. I wasn’t aware of this Todd. That really is cool. You’re right though- MSN needs to get to indexing. I have practically given up on the company.

  9. haha, hear the scrapers firing up is right. These link operators are useful at times but give an incomplete picture most of the time.

  10. Great post Todd, I just found that if you submit your sitemap to MSM/Live they will crawl a lot more of your site and it will get a lot more hits.. Just a FYI..


  11. Hi your efforts very good keep it work..

  12. Nice post Todd… Also "pregnant" yes, great point, I found the same to be true.


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  5. 3 great uses for the MSN LinkFromDomain command…

    The new linkfromdomain command available from MSN Live search for some days is what I have been waiting for for YEARS now… read why…