MSN Busticated?

I’ve been getting IM’s all day about the new(ish) MSN SERPS. Some really fugly looking results. Rather than expound on this too much let’s just get to the screenshots… I hope the SEO at got a raise today, because their page is similar to the BMW page. Check out page 1 for cars: Cars on MSN Moving on to the spam free world of Texas Hold Em: Texas Hold Em on MSN San Antonio? That’s triggered just by having Texas in the search phrase? oops. Personally I like Fort Worth better… Subdomains Hell. Blog Spam is alive and well. How many of those root domains do you recognize? Texas Hold Em on MSN Now I can’t simply bash on MSN, the little engine that could, for bad results and not give at least a nod to some serious progress in other areas. I’ve seen massive improvements in the depth of crawl on many sites I monitor. The MSN index is growing a decent rate finally. And in their defense about the blog spam – note even Google has a real handle on it yet tho they have culled out many of the free subdomain sites. Maybe if MSN asks nicely Google will give them the black list…nah 😉

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  1. Big change for the V-E keyphrase also – after having 30-40,000 results for the last several weeks, it’s jumped to over a 100,000, with a big shuffling of the top-10 … so some sort of major change happened with MSN in the last day or so.

    Your “cars” example was tooooo funny … and while I don’t recognize any of the root domains for Texas Hold Em, at least these “human search engine eyes” were able to pick those out as spam right away.

    P.S. How ’bout another spreadsheet dump for the V-E contest now that we’ve hit the one month point?

  2. Well… the clustering… maybe it’s just a temporal stuff…

    I got some similar results in Yahoo a month ago using a good keyword and i got 86 results and guess what? 84 of them where of my own site.. not subdomains, but pages….

  3. It appears as though the results have propagated back towards what we were seeing before this update began…

  4. Oilman, you’ve been featured in the latest Feb 27, 2006 Time magazine for this article. Page 14 under “blogwatch”. No kidding.

  5. Well, ok…it’s not for this article. It is for the Search and win article…edit my comment accordingly


  1. Spammy MSN SERPS

    Oilman gives several examples of MSN SERPS flooded with obvious spam

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