MSN AdCenter Adventure Part 3

So I’ve been playing around with AdCenter for a few weeks now and there are a couple usability items that drive me absolutely nuts. First off is all the scrolling – up down left right all the time it slows you down to a crawl when you are entering a new set of keywords and using the research tool at the same time. When I have the keyword window open with the research tool I have to stretch my browser onto my second monitor to do away with the horizontal scrolling. So why do you have to open it so wide? Because the keyword window has a frame set in it that you need to access the scroll bar in as well. The screenshot below shows the all the scrollbars that are present when the browser is maximized to 1280×1024: The problem is the keyword field that is set to about a zillion characters wide: keywords That line really only needs to be about a third as long as it is and would solve a ton of scrolling issues. Next up is the research tool that only returns 5 results per screen. If I was still running a 640×480 resolution this might be useful but as it stands it’s annoying as all get out especially when there are 20 pages of results. Click, click, clickity click – argh. Just a short adventure for today. Tune in next time. I promise more regular AdCenter Adventure updates.


  1. And to add to the keyword problem, the fact that the keyword tool you launch when you are in the middle of creating a new campaign (the one in the first screen shot that divides the screen) has no “check all” option drives me crazy. You see more than the five keywords at a time, but you have to CHECK EVERY SINGLE BOX to select the keywords, instead of the nice one-click-check-all option in the seperate research tab. It would be soooo easy to add that nice additional checkbox on top as they do in the seperate keyword tool.

    Please add it AdCenter 🙂

  2. I’m annoyed as all get out I have to fire up IE to use it. When you list my keywords just give me a big ass list and let me use my scroll wheel instead of having to click through 47 screens. Oh yeah and on my 17″ screen set to 1440 I get the scroll bar too, go figure.

  3. I consider adcenter a “barely-beta” or perhaps a “high-alpha” program. I seem to have run into just about every weird snag possible which initially resulted in two weeks of trying to get my account set up – with help from a representative! And yes, having to use IE – while not surprising – is highly annoying.

  4. It is like a DR.robot , help me on msn.
    Good Answers


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