Local Ads But I’m Not Local

I used to live in Calgary, AB. That’s about 600 miles from where I live now. I still listen a Calgary radio station on a daily basis and of course I listen to it over the net. I like the music and it’s kinda nice to hear Calgary news and stay sorta pluggin to the hometown vibe.

The station streams through a nice little pop up player and when you first launch it you have to sit through an ad before the the actual stream starts. It’s an ad for local Calgary business. It’ s been the same business for as long as I can remember. Something they’ve started doing lately is every 90 min or so they pop up a message that says “Click here to keep listening”. If you click it the stream continues uninterrupted.  If you don’t click it in time it changes to “Click here to resume listening”. At that point you are subjected to the ad again before the stream comes back. I’m really fine with all that and it makes some sense to me to get some more ad play but there’s a bigger question…

If I was in Calgary would I be streaming the station? No. So why put local ads in it? So close to being on target but yet so far.


  1. I frequently listen to a local radio station over the Internet in my home workspace and at the office. Between my iPod and the Internet I really don’t have a need for a radio except in the car.

    Funny enough, when I heard the pre-roll on the local station I was wondering the same as you. How many people listen remotely vs locally?

    Didn’t know you were from Cowtown. What would prompt you to leave such a fine city?

  2. This is a really good point.

    Relevancy has a long, long way to go in the local world. This is a good example!

  3. The only radio stations I listen to online are local. It is convenience for me, I have my radio in the car, but if I want to listen to the news update on CFAX, it is way easier to do it online than go and either sit in my car or find the radio in my house and tune it into the station.

  4. My thoughts upon reading this post were “why wouldn’t you listen to the stream if you lived locally in Calgary?” Just from a hardware issue, i personally am much more pronoe to listening to a local or long distance station equally via the internet simply because that’s the hardware i am most surrounded with – not an am/fm radio. my .02

    BTW – I tried sending you an email but it bounced – i must have an old address. Send me your email info when you get a minute – bestoftheweb at gmail.com – thanks

  5. Hi, would you please tell me what plugin you use for Twitter update? Thanks.

  6. Being a radio station in the business of selling ads, it seems they lack Google’s geoip features. As long as they get their URL out along with a really good reason to click or visit.

    Who says local business has to sell locally? I’m exploring selling my local clients on selling info-products priced in Euros to minimize the impact of the careening US dollar.

  7. You would be surprised by the amount of people in the city where the statoin streams that actualy listen to the stations. Alot of large office buildings have trouble getting stations in on a traditional radio. A station that streams gives new life to the radio station for thoes who are unable to get it in, or who are un able to have a radio in their office. I know how annoying it can be to hear the same commercial over and over on streams though :), however for that advertiser, its GOLD.

    Tony Brueski

  8. I do the same thing with some radio stations where I grew up. I also used to get the NHL package on cable and I always liked seeing commercials from all over north america (calgary was one), it’s always interesting to see how life functions in a place youve never been I guess.

  9. Having worked at a radio station for years, I learned that one of the most difficult things to do is to track listenership. The only time when its easy to track how many people listen in is by making the radio stream available online. You can track listener locations by IP.