Saw Her Eyes Across A Crowded Airport

Ever see that perferct girl or guy across a crowded room or, in this case, airport? Of course, before you can get over there they’ve vanished into the night or San Francisco traffic. Now what do you do? Open and AdWords account of course.

I good friend of mine spotted these water softener reviews on adgroup on a local search for Marriott Hotels in San Francisco:

The bottom ad leads here. No reason to cost the dude more clicks – he’s in love – let’s be kind 😉


  1. Am I being too cynical or is it a cool case of linkbait?

  2. Hey.. just wanted to thank you for noticing my ad on yor blog.. Leigh told me about it.

    That’s a kind gesture 🙂 Unfortunatly, it hasn’t been succesfull so far, I’ll run it for one more week, and I guess I’ll just have to forget about it then :~(

  3. Fantastic story and good luck Kev.

    Although if it were me I would have mentioned rolex, prada, a Maserati, maybe a gold tooth or two in my ad. (That, or tattoos, a custom chopper, and well worn 501s, depending on what type she seemed.)

    Best of luck to ya

  4. This is good stuff…great for the romantic at heart. I really don’t think this is “link bait”, but if it were it would be genius.

  5. hahaha, no it wasn’t link bait 🙂 Thank you for the advices Jason, I appreciate it.. anyway, I had to stop the ad, I couldn’t afford to pay several hundred bucks on finding someone.. I guess it was just not meant to happen 😉
    Thanks for your support!!

  6. Worst case: She thinks it’s creepy.
    Best case: She knows you’re interested, which killed it for her.

  7. It just goes to show that being shy can cost you … in AdWords clicks that is.

  8. Hi,
    It’s funny that name Kevin Amoros rings a bell. I’m wondering whether it was from when I worked in Paris !


  9. Holly…

    Why is everybody so suspicious on the internet ? I just tried to find that girl so that I could see her again, there was chemistry, I’m pretty certain of that! lol
    I’m french, but I live near san francisco, not in France… Anyways, I had to stop the ad after a week or so, ’cause the damn thing costs a lot! about 30cents a click! I just have to forget about her I guess… But I tell you, guys out there, if any of you had seen her, (and if you had been stupid enough not to talk to her, like me) I bet you would have wanted to try anything to find her 🙂

  10. lol adwords help you find people, now how geeky is that 😉

  11. I know how it is to keep wondering about well… what if I thought a little faster maybe you would have had a chance to meet this person. I had a experience somewhat like your’s except I did meet this person. we flew on the same flight july 4 2006 to Houston. We spoke and exchanged first name’s. I was in a rush to get home with it being a holiday. I Know his first name is Brian and he was traveling on buisness. I could kick myself for being in such a rush because now I too wonder about this person that I saw in the airport but also met and did not take the chance to find out more than just his first name. Good luck maybe you’r paths will cross again.

  12. Genius. Adwords experts move over.

  13. That girl must of had one heck of an impression. I might of did a craigslist ad, but not adwords lol!

  14. The link to the splash page is dead…… what did it say? I’m assuming he didn’t find the girl or their would be a follow up article.

  15. Sooo – either he found her or gave up as the page isn’t up anymore. Hope he did – I can relate to his situation… it sucks when you see someone and can’t connect.

  16. hahaha crazy ppl]

  17. wow .. is this for real?

  18. adwords help you find people

  19. you remind me of “Youre Beautiful – James Blunt” xD xD xD

  20. Hey, Im starting to look into adwords, and somehow I endedup here! Gonna dig in and start to look around for good information! Gonna look around here! Thanks


  21. Worst case: She thinks it’s creepy.


  22. That girl must of had one heck of an impression

  23. Ah man, I know how you feel about this chick. I laid my eyes on the sexiest women I have ever seen when I was at a party about 4 years ago. Thought she was the best looking girl in the world. Now we have been together for 3 1/2 years and have 2 kids !

  24. I just stumbled across this post today, but wow, what a story! Too bad the link is not working anymore – I would love to see what it said. That would be great if he actually found the girl. But who knows, maybe they will cross paths again… Good luck to Kev!

  25. She thinks it’s creepy.?…

  26. Did you ever find her? Just ran across the post and found it interesting even though it was so long ago. Not sure how well this would work in too many situations. lol.

  27. i find my first sexiest woman when i am with my friends on a picnic she is so sexy and she was wearing bikini on beach
    me and my friends were totally bold out when we see her

    but still we are good friends hey she is only 20 years

    but so hot!!!!!!!!


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