Google Customer Relations

So I was chatting with a buddy (Legion: a WebmasterRadio.FM irc regular) on IM today and as is quite common the converstion turned to Google and the vague non-answers they give to support questions and the complete lack of notice on many upcoming changes. He laid it out perfectly for me:

It seems that Google has hired so many bright people (geeks) that as a company they lack the social skills to relate to their advertisers in a graceful way.


  1. Google has a communication problem that goes much deeper than that. Just read the comments in Cutts’ blog.

  2. As frustrating as Google can be, they are still head & shoulders above Yahoo’s customer service.

  3. marny smith says:

    Google searches concern me greatly since if you google my name, canada, i’m feeling lucky, you go straight to a company’s website “” and I ended any and all affiliation I had with this company a year age. somehow they miust have integrated my information permanently into their websit without Google recocnizing that I have no affiliation to this site.

    Bad for the search engine…my trust ends here!!!


  1. […] Google’s behaviour suggests that they know who their customer is – the visitor. Their customer is not the advertiser – it is the average Joe (or Jane) using their search engine and other services. Not just one average Joe, but lots of them… millions upon millions of them. What would Google be worth without them? […]