GMail on CSI

Well, I’m just sittin here with a beer and popcorn watching CSI and lo and behold if Hotmail hasn’t been supplanted by GMail. Apparently the unfaithful husband met his lady friend online and knew her only as The cultural takeover marches on…

and I’ll save you the time – is already registered 😉


  1. Yes, but did you try sending an email to it 😉

  2. DigitalMisfit says:

    Many people DID try sending emails to it…and to (which was not registered at the time of the first airing) 😉

  3. g’day there… i googled that buffy email address and your site came up. the show has just screen down here in oz [yes we are way behind] and thought i’ve e-mailed that address, so far no bounce-back email. also confirmed that someone has registered that email. it will be interesting to see the reply, perhaps i’ll get a ‘bite me’ :^)