BWM Back In Record Time

So is back in Google in near record time. I think the only shorter ban was last year. The question is tho – Does deserve to be back in? Did the clean up their act? Here’s a bit of a summary for those that missed out on what was actually going on… So here we see in the SERPS: Here is the cache of the listing (JavaScript turned off of course). The offending content seems to be taken off and the page now is nearly empty with an iframe and some funky redirection. Why is this still in the cache tho? Seems logical that if they were taken out of the index and then put back they shouldn’t come back with old cache data like this. Next is the nice little note the put at the top of the page to remind us to turn on JavaScript: Translation courtesy of Babelfish:

In order to come into the full benefit of the world from BMW to, Javascript must be switched on in its Browser!

Lastly if you are viewing the cached page you need to go all the way to the bottom of the source code to find:

// hide script from old browsers loc = ‘ /3series/sedan/introduction.html’; if ((document == top.document) && ((navigator.appName != “Netscape”) || (window.statusbar == null) || window.statusbar.visible)) { if ((navigator.appName != “”) && (navigator.appVersion.substring(0, 1) != ‘2’)) location.replace(loc); else location.href=loc; } // end of script

So,yes, that’s kinda old news but there is still some shenanigans going on with redirections and iframes etc but I have a noon deadline for my day job 😉 Hopefully I’ll get some time later to follow up with the iframes and redirects.