Web U: Your Site Under Reconstruction

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  1. This looks familiar….:)

    Thanks for the great reads Todd. I’ve already sent this to a few folks who greatly benefited.

  2. Familiar? yeah. I figure I spend all that time writing for OMMA I might as well get a bit more mileage on the old blog 🙂

    Thanks for the kudos Seth. I’m glad to see someone reads them and get some use. Kinda suprises me every month still. LOL

  3. Great info Todd, hey I heard you mention another article that you had done on how to transition an old site up using sitemaps, wait a few weeks, 301 redirect, then submit new sitemaps. Where do I find that article?

    Thanks and have a good one. See you in Aug at SES

  4. Thanks for the great reads Todd

  5. Great article, very informative. Thanks for the read Todd!

  6. Someone said to me the other day that when you overhaul a site you need to preserve the page names, so if you had a page called aboutus.html you shouldn’t then call it about_us.html.

    What are your thoughts on that – will the search engine have a problem with this now dead link?

  7. @Ian – I have redesigned a number of sites and have found that as long at 301 redirects are in place, renaming the page is no big deal for search engines. The link will not considered dead, just redirected to a new place. If you run on Apache, you can do this via .htaccess.