I Finally Blogged Again…

but it’s over at Search Engine Land 😉


  1. Well, you could blog here again sometime. That’d be nice.

    See you in NYC next week!

  2. That’s not a blog; it’s an article. 🙂

    When I clicked on your feed in Bloglines I was asked “Are you sure you want to visit this site? The author might be dead.” I didn’t know it did that.

  3. And we’re glad to have you! But hey — shouldn’t the place you write a column for be in the blogroll!!!!!!

  4. Nice article Todd. I agree client management is the tricky part. Thanks.

  5. You forgot a Big One Buddy:

    A F#%king Real Sitemap. This is like the big pet peeve of mine. I am sick of the so-called seo-developers that tell their clients they are SEO freakin whiz kids and then I got too their sitemap and its fucking 6 pages!!!! I am like “DUDE, you have 1400 f#^king pages and you give me this limp-dick sitemap”. Don’t let me see the rest of your all-encompassing SEO skills.

    One dude I just mailed a SEO book after talking (True Story)


  6. Laughs at Danny. Seconds the motion.