Yahoo Search Submit Explained

I’ve been gainfully and happily employed at Position Technologies now for about 5 months and it never ceases to amaze me how few people have heard about Yahoo Search Submit (you might know it as Yahoo Paid Inclusion) let alone understand how it works. I figured it would be beneficial to take some time today and break it down for you. A lot of what you’ll find below has been lifted from so I feel pretty ok about flat out copying it hehe.

First off, before we get into the different flavors…what is Yahoo Search Submit? Simply put it is a pay for inclusion program that guarantees review for inclusion in the Yahoo natural search results (Search Submit Basic). Additionally you can pay for on a flat rate cpc basis to gain more control over how and when your site is indexed and how fresh your organic search listings are (Search Submit Pro). Of course, there are no guarantees. Yahoo! Search Marketing has a thorough set of guidelines that must be met for acceptance into these programs. There are basically two types of programs:

Search Submit Basic

The fastest way to promote your Web site!

Yahoo Search Submit Basic assures your content will be included in the Yahoo search index, providing you the largest market reach available from a single service.

Price: $49.00 per URL annually (Limit 5 URLs per Domain)

Benefits include:

  • Quick Inclusion ensures that your content is included within the Yahoo! Search index, generally within 4 business days
  • Weekly refresh updates that allow content to be updated frequently
  • Basic Performance Reports that provide essential insights on how URLs are performing in the Yahoo! Search engine, including number of clicks and the average rank of displayed URLs
  • Tool that analyzes the contents of the submitted URLs and provides feedback regarding metadata and content on the page

Feed Services

Trusted Feed Advantages:

Designed for large or dynamic sites, our Trusted Feed program gives Webmasters ultimate control of their search engine presence by leveraging the advantages of direct data feeds to Yahoo! and the leading shopping engines.

Price: Variable CPC

Benefits include:

  • Guaranteed indexing of every Web page you submit – including deep dynamic pages.
  • Performance-based pricing ensures that you pay only when your URL is clicked.
  • Enjoy the freedom of a rapid, 48-hour refresh – you’ll know that your content, Title or price changes are immediately updated and available to your customers within 48 hours.
Ok so we know there are two flavors. What does that mean product-wise for you? It means your choice is 3 products. Search Submit Basic, Search Submit Pro – Self Serve, and Search Submit Pro. Well, not really your choice. There are monthly minimums and URL counts to be considered. They are as follows:

Search Submit Basic

  • Number of URLs per Domain: Limit of 5
  • Minumum Budget: None
  • Review/Subscription Fees: $49/yr/URL non refundable fee
  • Cost Per Click: None
  • Time For Inclusion: 3-5 days (on average)
  • Average Refresh Rate: 7 days (per Yahoo! guidelines)
  • Customized Titles: No
  • Customized Descriptions: No
  • Support: Online/FAQ
  • Online Reporting: Search Terms, Ranks and Clicks
  • Online Account Management: Yes
  • Dedicated Account Manager: No

Search Submit Pro – Self Serve

  • Number of URLs per Domain: Up to 4000
  • Minumum Budget:  None
  • Review/Subscription Fees: $150/domain, one-time, nonfundable fee
  • Cost Per Click: Based on Content Category
  • Time For Inclusion: 3-5 days (on average)
  • Average Refresh Rate: 48-72 hrs (per Yahoo! guidelines)
  • Customized Titles: Yes (per Yahoo! guidelines)
  • Customized Descriptions: Yes (per Yahoo! guidelines)
  • Support: Email and phone
  • Online Reporting: Search Terms, Ranks, Clicks, Click Cost and URLs
  • Online Account Management: Yes
  • Dedicated Account Manager: No

Search Submit Pro

  • Number of URLs per Domain: Unlimited
  • Minumum Budget: $1500/month
  • Review/Subscription Fees: None
  • Cost Per Click: Based on Content Category
  • Time For Inclusion: 3-5 days (on average)
  • Average Refresh Rate: 48-72 hrs (per Yahoo! guidelines)
  • Customized Titles: Custom Optimization
  • Customized Descriptions: Custom Optimization
  • Support: Email, phone and assigned account manager
  • Online Reporting: Search Terms, Ranks, Clicks, Click Cost and URLs
  • Online Account Management: Yes
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Yes
And there you have it. The basics of Yahoo! Search Submit. Now before all you affiliate webmasters and lead gen junkies get all fired up and think this is a slick way into Yahoo! please read this first: Search Submit Content Guidelines (via Yahoo! Search Marketing)
If you’d like to know more please drop me an email: todd at positiontech dot com.


  1. i will also verify with the guidelines they are *very* strict. They will accept your site, but if your just a thin affiliate or lead gen page you will never see anything rank well. granted the occasional 5 word long tail key phrase might come through, but don’t expect to hit front page for “buy viagra”.

    umm… not that i have tried.

  2. what about yahoo! submit express for directory inclusion?

  3. What does this pay service actually offer? If you have a site with decent content, Yahoo will add you to thier directory without you having to pay them anything? What are you getting by paying $49/year?

  4. Neat synopsis.

    I thought I read a snippet about Google slapping down/re-ranking results from Yahoo! paid inclusion?

  5. Even cooler, they’ve got feautres where you can change headlines and quicklinks depending on the keyword that someone uses – so it’s like getting keyword insert ads in natural results. The quick turnaround is also great for seasonal / discount messaging that you can’t so much pull off with meta descriptions alone. Worth a look.

    See, Todd? Nicholas and Jacob are rubbing off on me. On second thought, try not to think about that sentence too hard…

  6. Tommy Callahan Jr. says:

    Neither Search Submit Express nor Pro guarantees improved site rankings. After submitting your URLs, your site is still subject to the ever so clever arithmetic paradox filled Yahoo algorithm. Yahoo will index your web site much faster than if you just wait for them to naturally index it. Neither Search Submit Express nor Pro guarantees improved site rankings. But why do similar programs put a “guarantee” on their product? Because they know all they sold you was a guaranteed piece of shit. That’s all it is, isn’t it? Hey, if you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will. I got spare time. But for now, for your websites sake, you might wanna think about Yahoo Paid Inclusion.

  7. Now it is fixed

  8. Those are nice explanation about Yahoo search submit but I don’t think it’s gonna useful for me since most of my visitors come from Google (for free). I believe wihout paying I can get the same results if I work hard.

  9. Exactly,
    i am not going to pay just for inclusion as if my site having good quality and having crawler friendly url it will definitely crawl by yahoo boats..

    one can easily get traffic from other medium than why one can pay just for inclusion? this is something confusing…

  10. I have never submited my site to any search engines, I think that the search engines need to list your site because of what it is and not because you want it to be there. as a matter of fact, in order t keep the search results relevant they must show good sites and these kinds of sites dont need to use the submission form…
    ust my 2 cents.

  11. Yahoo is going down every day a little more. First, those new "products" than really don not aport anything to good places. And now, several webs are getting "misterious" troubles when indexing and crawling their sites, getting no traffic. What will be next?

  12. I have used Yahoo's regular site submission through their webmaster tools and I tend to get my sites included pretty quickly…

  13. nice information
    thanks for sharing with us

  14. Yahoo search submit???? Paid for inclusion in organics, surely this defeats the purpose doesnt it. What are organic results worth on yahoo, if this starts playing a big roll eh? Guess im taking it a step beyond its reach, but hey, seems a bit offkey to me.

  15. what about msn! submit express for directory inclusion

  16. sry i just know how to write my name in arabic :)) anyway however my english not that good but i think i get the point. thanks

  17. yahoo search submit, I think it is easy to enter but the directory.. what can I say..

  18. Thanks for the breakdown. I have recently been added to Yahoo’s index through their regular submit process, still waiting for other sites to be indexed though in the same manner. For 49$ your submissions are expedited?

  19. nothanks says:

    I have a domain that is over 10 years old and I’ve ran with squeaky clean white hat practices.

    For some reason that I’ve never quite understood, it dropped out of Yahoo’s index about a year ago. So I tried the search submit.

    They took my money and rejected me and refused to offer any explanation why. They did, however, to try to refer me to a partner SEO company.

    I tried calling up the phone tree to try to get an engineer on the phone but everyone gave me the same company line — we cannot tell you why you were rejected but you can pay an approved SEO company to figure it out and then resubmit for another $249 — still with no guarantee!

    Really a terrible experience.

  20. I don’t really see the point in paying $49 for this service.

    Most sites will be found by the major search engines in few days, especially with a bit of link building (which you would do anyway).

    Also you only need regular re-indexing if your content changes regularly and if that is the case then search engines will crawl you site more regularly anyway.

    The other services you mention are definitely worthwhile though.

  21. Is the directory submission at Yahoo still $300/year, or did they drop the price on that. As steep as that is, I know it definitely used to bump up google rankings. Though, I’m not sure that paying to be listed in Yahoo organic results will do much of anything.

  22. Does this do anything for those sites that have been de-indexed/banned/penalized for no apparent reason? I would certainly pay the $49 or even the $300 for a Yahoo representative to enlighten me as to why two of my sites have been banned after site-wide redesigns. One of them the anchor text on my name.

  23. It’s pretty much money to get in Yahoo, but then again, if you believe you have your market there, then i can be worth your money, It’s like this with online marketing, find target group, find right forum, its not always easy, but as they say, if it’s to easy then it’s not worth it.

  24. According to a Google Algothrim, Google has started penalizing websites that buy links.
    Then how does it not do anything to the paid links at Yahoo1!?

  25. This is such a productive & informative article. I do agree that most of the people believe that SEO is rocket science unlike me. But when I started working on, it just took some months to excel. Little bit of hided tricks and black hat works involve but the intention is to promote the site.