XBOX 360 Reviews Already?

Future Shop XBOX 360 reviews. Check out the review by Gill B – good laugh.

This is the best system I’ve ever owned to date (and it’s only pre-ordered!)! From the moment I first imagined imagining opening the box I knew it would blow away my pre-ordered PS3! The games not out for this system are WAAAAAAAYYY better than the games not out for the PS3. I have bought them both though, so I will be able to play all games anyway, but I won’t be able to play XBOX360 games for less time before they come out. The graphics in my head right now are AMAZING and online play is the BEST. I can’t look back. The only other system I ever imagine playing other than the 360 is Nintendo’s Revolution. But that one I haven’t bought yet but I imagine the big white wireless remote controller with add-on pluggy things will play my games even better. It’s a good time to be a gamer (in the future).


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