Where’s The Beef?

Last night I get home just as my wife is serving up dinner onto plates and she looks up and says “Do you want a bun for you hamburger? It’s a different kind of burger…..” Yeah – that’s right “different” as in: NO MEAT. She’s decided that we need a vegetarian meal a couple nights a week. I’m pretty ok with but for pete’s sake don’t go trying to sneak it past me disguised as meat. I’ll probably notice that a patty made of chick peas and nuts isn’t meat regardless of how good it is for my colon.


  1. Hahahahaha…. That happens to me every so often… “Baby, there is no way this is turkey!”

  2. Ugh, I hate that. My feeling on veggie burgers is that if you decide to take yourself out of the food chain, even if for just one meal, then you forgo the privilege of eating food in that form! I also find it odd that the “brown foots” will cringe in horror at the thought of genetically enhanced produce but will gladly munch down on one of those gardenburger monstrosities!

  3. Hahaha! I have a feeling a similar event is on the horizon for me as well. 🙂

  4. Somewhere in that god awful pretendburger is the magic of love. Just make sure the sex is great after slogging through a meal that’s good for your heart. I mean, what’s the point of having a healthy heart if your not going to rev it up? “Honey, after a healthy meal like that I feel the need for . . . a little cardiovascular work out!”

  5. Bloody hell, I have been waiting for you to blog for a month and this is what you come up with? 😀

    Ah yes, you deserve all of those tasty lovely little green veggies!

  6. Ha, I know the feeling, scary part is the texture and initial taste are similar to beef; still I’d rather have a good ol medium cooked burger instead or preferably a monster sized one from Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub…

  7. Ahh Todd, your wife is looking out for you. My girlfriend does the same thing to my every couple weeks. Its not so bad, atleast the veggie patties taste better than they did 5 years ago, it tasted like cardboard back then.

    aka: Lauren Miehe