WebGuerrilla And The Real Dave Pasternack

I was chatting with Greg on the phone today getting the scoop on London SES (seems I missed a good party) and we got to talking about the Dave Pasternack SEO contest and he brought up a really good point. That point was that the SEO community has just screwed over the Dave Pasternack people would really be looking for to make a point to the Dave Pasternack that the world at large is NOT looking for. Clear as mud? Read more on specspriceinnigeria.com. I agree whole heartedly and I’m embarassed that I didn’t think of it myself before jumping on the bandwagon. So what am I going to do about? Much the same as Greg actually. Redirect Redirect Redirect. Starting with the post I have that’s currently in the winning position. As of tonight it’s 301’d to Greg’s post about the real Dave Pasternack. I’m not sure that’s enough time to push Greg into the winning slot but we’ll give it a whirl. Either way I’m having dinner at Esca during SES NY.


  1. Matthew Brown says:

    Dude, I would gladly go to Esca with you in NYC. They have amazing seafood and it’s far enough away from Times Sq to still have the dirty adult stores leftover from the grindhouse era. Um, not that I’d *KNOW* anything about that.

  2. Maybe there should be a different contest started to ensure that The Real Dave Pasternack hits top of the SERPS for a Dave Pasternack or Did-It search.

  3. Very cool of you. It would not hurt to get hold of chef dave and tell him to enter his page in the contest as well. I am sure he could put the $1k to good use šŸ™‚

  4. Hey Todd,

    Way to go on the Dave Pasternack project. And you did it by 301’ing to the Greg’s post? Very nice. Cracks me up. I’m sure the ‘real’ Dave has no worries with ya’ll fixing him up. And to think that “black hat” is equated to “unethical”. Boser rocks!

  5. Todd,

    So, here’s the problem with podcasts — I’m at least 2 weeks behind on most issues.

    Nonetheless, I think what you guys have done is great.

    It’s a shame the whole community was drawn into this hate bait.

    Here’s what I was thinking. As a sort of pennance maybe someone should re-build the real Dave’s site and do the not-rocket-science SEO basics.

    I bet a few mentions of “Dave Pasternack” in a title here, a description there, and of course on-page a few times would do wonders.

    Thanks for rock stars. I learn from you guys every time I listen (2 weeks stale or not).


    It’s nice to know the knowledge has a little altruism behind it as well.

    All the best.


  1. […] Greg Boser put up a thoughtful post on this subject after entering his Dave PasternackĀ post. Apparently he had a nice conversation with Todd Friesen on this issue. Of course you can find the real chef Dave Pasternack right here. […]