Vanessa Needs Our Help

It would seem that Vanessa has some email issues and eventually gets to the point of being so overloaded that she’ll declare “e-mail bankruptcy” and simply archive or even delete her entire inbox. She’s not alone. According USA Today this a common problem.

I suggest we help her. Everybody that has her email send her some tips on how to manage the insane flow of email. If you don’t have a tip of your own I’ve dug up a few items that might help:

Tips for Mastering E-mail Overload – HBS Working Knowledge – Explain to them that you’re putting some systems in place to help you manage your e-mail overload. Ask for their help, and know that they’re secretly …

Bit Literacy: Productivity in the Age of Information and E-mail – Bit Literacy, the new book by Mark Hurst, describes how to manage e-mail, todos, photos, a media diet, and other sources of stress for people today. …

Managing Email – Email has become, for many people, the primary way they communicate. … Warning signs that you need to manage your mailbox ยท Help Users Take Command of …

Critical Section – The Tyranny of Email – Email is one of the greatest things the computer revolution has done for personal productivity. Used improperly, it can also hurt your productivity. …

Web Worker Zen: 5 Ways to Manage Email Stress ยซ Web Worker DailyWhile weโ€™ve covered some great ways to reduce stress before, letโ€™s look specifically at a few different ways to manage email stress, so that you can keep …

Fire up your email app of choice and let’s help our friend. She’s in dire need.

and yes…I’m a dead man after this ๐Ÿ˜‰

added: she’s a plane right now so we have a couple hours to live I figure.


  1. Todd, should people also break their tips out into individual emails so that each point can be clearly and separately articulated and read by her in isolation so as not to cause clutter and confusion?


  2. Ooooooh, you are evil. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. definitly a tip per email. it seems a good way to help her oganize stuff

  4. Yep – Matt nailed it – evil.

    Does a quick note to let her know not to read anything from me this week count?


  5. Um, I’m off the plane now.

    …Just sayin’. Not that you should start being afraid or anything. Nope. Don’t worry at all.

  6. Be Afraid!

    Be Very Afraid!

  7. I loved the humour of this – BIG time…

    … ofcourse, I’m not Vanessa. She is obviously a better woman than I am based on her response. I can attribute her response to one thing and one thing only… she gets sooo many emails that really, a teensy bit of link bait is but a wavelet upon her ocean tide of inbound crap.

    Well… that and she has a REALLY great sense of humor and has the balls and the ability to deal with this type of humor from close friends confidently and factually.

    I wouldn’t have done this to her (I’m NICE) – but Todd himself… well he’s….

    ANYway… Vanessa averted a possible link bait war with great decorum, and while I admire her, I’m a tad disappointed. It’s not often you can expect a ‘war’ of that magnitude amongst the who’s who… It might have been fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. vanessa_stick by her! says:

    If ur actually her fans u wud stick by her. even wen the times are grim 4 her, like now! with so many peeps against her she needs more on her side, nessa dunt deserv this! n if ur readin this nessa then, i think u r gr8, i meen every1 makes mistakes! u rule vanessa!!!


  1. […] USA Today ran an article on Friday that mentioned by conflicted relationship with email that ultimately caused me to declare email bankruptcy. My friends, reminded of my woes, immediately reached out to support me. If only everyone had friends like I have… […]