v7ndotcom elursrebmem

Well there you have it. Old news I know but I’ve been on the road the last few days so I’m really only blogging it for all you folks subscribed to my rss 😉 It should be pointed out tho that Johnny-boy Scott went and changed his rules as the last minute so that Greg, Mike and I will still have to pay out even if someone puts an unlinked banner on the page for John’s forum. Clever John. We could easily bail out at this point and save face by saying it’s not the same contest anymore but we’er bigger men than that beside I fully intend to win my own money and John’s which I’ll use to run a tab at whatever the next Search Conference is and simply blow the wad on my friends and whoever else happens to be in the bar at that point in time. I’ll do it too. Want a beer? Help me win – just link to this post – that will work fine…oh wait…[oilman rummages around his desk]…here it is…Matt Cutts…now I’m officially entered. Let’s all try and prove once and for all who the best seo is by ranking for a term that currently shows absolutely no friggin results at all on Google. ADDED: veeesevenenn – might as well go for his money too


  1. Todd,

    Funny post … and I commend you (and the others) for staying in and walking the talk with your $$$. But I gotta point out that your page does not yet appear to meet the V7N requirements as I don’t see a link to ’em, banner ad, or a “we support you-know-what” … add that, and if you win, that could be one monster bar bill … or heck, consider helping me sweep it all for a good cause! 😉

    BTW, Google is actually occasionally showing 10 results – keep hitting reload until you get a data center that shows it … or check out the URL in my signature (I refrained from keyword stuffing it!) where I have 24 hour screenshots from Google, MSN, and Yahoo – later had 274 results.

  2. Brian Mark says:

    Does that make it v7ndotcom inebriation if you use the winnings to buy a few rounds at a conference? (BTW, I’m sure you’ll own that term just from my comment… LOL).

    I’ll get a link to you right away. You want that from my PR7 homepage, right? How about if I just make it from my links page (PR6) and a few blogs (PR3) that I run? Oh, and I’ll make sure and ask for that drink when you win.

    See ya in NY next month!


    So does Midnight Oil. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 best Album ever..

    I allays was a stranger.

    God Bless us All.

    The Final Countdown has begun & count me IN!!!

  4. My only resevervations is the V7ndotcom elursrebmem competition may just become a link war, this would the just make a mockerey of SEO


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