The Good, The Bad, and The Downright Shitty

I watch a fair bit of TV. I have 2 little kids so by the time we’ve fought through dinner and baths and clean up and snacks and video and bedtime stories about all I have left in me is enough energy to crack a beer or three and collapse in the La-Z-Boy and let big media have it’s way with me. The show I’m currently watching it on the downright shitty list so I felt a summary recent brain melting activity was in order. Some shows are new and some are old seriesĀ  I’ve been catching up on.

  • Bionic Woman – new – shitty
  • My Name is Earl – new season – as fun as ever
  • The Unit – new season – Go Joe!!
  • Battlestar Galactica – the new one – lovin it but I always want them to have better technology. C’mon you can travel at lightspeed but you can’t sort out a planet with out a paper map?
  • Angel – recently finished the whole series – fantastic – killer final episode
  • Heroes – Season 1 – just over half way through – way too cool
  • Prison Break – compelling and can’t stop watching it but way to unreal
  • Private Practice – gave it whirl cuz let’s face it she’s hot – thumbs down on this crappy spin off
  • Corner Gas – best thing Canada ever produced. Tax Man is the funniest thing you’ve ever seen.
  • Pathfinder – movie – complete and utter suckage – totally shit on a stick horrible flick (but I did watch it all the way through)
  • 5 second video of cheerleader getting run over by a whole football team smashing through a big piece of paper with their logo on it – funny shit and could watch over and over again


  1. Sad to say that I also watched Pathfinder. The only good thing about it was getting a laugh out of how stupid it was. The scene where he falls through the water and the dead chief starts talking to him had me laughing my ass off.

  2. Damn it, I tried but I can’t resist. I’m going to go ahead and risk the nerd alert sirens going off on me but I have to point this out. In the Battlestar Galactica pilot episode (I think it was part of a mini series before the regular seasons) they explained the low tech parts of the ship. All critical and strategic functions of the ship, like communications, where they plan on moving the fighters and where they are going to jump to, specifically do not use computers or networked systems to prevent the Cyclons from being able to use those against them. Hence the wired old school phone lines, dry erase charts, and manual bulkhead doors. Good gods, I’m such a fraking nerd!

  3. I always thought Angel was a more solid show than Buffy. Buffy sort of lost its luster to me after Angel left, Willow turned gay, and useless Dawn came on the show, but Angel was typically pretty good.

  4. Gotta love Battlestar. You’d think that it being the be all and end all of mankind that they work on cloaking their mapping technology – but what do I know, I can’t even figure out the GPS…