The Facebook Black Hole

As I posted most recently, the facebook and LinkedIn requests have been flowing in fast and furious lately so I caved in and got sort of involved on facebook.

Holy Shit On A Stick Batman!

Where do people find the time to poke people, throw sheep, change their status from working to home to driving to picking their nose? Yesterday somebody turned me into a zombie! Thanks loads for that – now I seem to just wander about my big empty office bumping into walls and groaning about brains. Today you can buy someone a virtual piece of pie…it costs a real dollar. So that’s time and money so someone can feel good for about 17 seconds that I thought of them and flushed a dollar down the crapper.

OH.. and today David asked a question and Gillian answered it and then David responded to Gillian’s answer. Good to know.

I’m actually quite enjoying facebook for about 5 minutes a day. That’s all I can handle to be quite honest. I find it to be the proverbial rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland. Maybe I’m just getting too old…

Enjoy this video about facebook (credit to Jason Dunn for finding it). I’m off to figure out how to pull my blog posts into my facebook profile for my 46 friends to read..


  1. As you posted “most recently”? Sure, if “recently” means a vast expanse of months during which you apparently sat around watching Scrubs, eating ice cream, and drinking vodka and let your blog become a barren wasteland of disappointed RSS subscribers.

    And now your friends aren’t even worth a dollar…

    Blog readers and Facebook friends everywhere are sobbing in their collective corners.

  2. If one was to ask Todd what his blog was about he could poetically say it’s “A Barren Wasteland Of Disappointed RSS Subscribers”

  3. My fiance’s 37 and hated Facebook until I showed him some age appropriate apps like Scrabulous and Traveler IQ Challenge. Even then he only puts in a few minutes a week. I attribute it to senility.

    Have you checked out

    sorry… couldn’t resist. 🙂

  4. Freakin’ hilarious – I don’t get the virtual gifts, either. My birthday is coming up, why not just send me the dollar you wasted? And the zombie thing, amen Todd. With all due respect to Vanessa and Rhea, two of my Facebook friends, there’s a lot of useless crap going on there….

  5. If you’re the kind of person that can use networking to your advantage, then Facebook can be useful. But there are many, many distractions along the way.

  6. Welcome back after the summer break. I’m looking forward to Rockstars again!

  7. Matt, no worries, I’ll be the first to agree with you. I use it for personal reasons (keeping in touch with friends and relatives) and as a distraction when my brain needs to stop thinking. Professionally speaking there are a few perks, but if you have ADD it can quickly deteriorate into a jumbled mess of one liners, zombies and embarrassing photos (as Todd so eloquently pointed out) and I’m obviously, I’m speaking from personal experience. 🙂

    So, why spend the time on there? I think it touches on a lot of things… fears (not being kept in the loop), personality types (are people working hard and playing hard or hardly working?), personal hobbies (if you’re like me you don’t watch sports, so you have hours of freedom that can be spent on whatever you want!), etc. Whatever the reason, people certainly waste a ton of time on there, but is the return worth it? It depends on what you want, but let’s not forget the power of friendships.

  8. Facebook acceptance doesn’t has less to do with age than other more practical factors. As Lee mentioned, how much you value networking as a marketing tool plays into it, and I would add that it’s also good for those who simply like to cultivate virtual “friends” online and for an outlet to kill time. Probably other reasons to play around with it. The Local SEO Facebook group is a great Facebook use. Arguably the same thing can be done with Meetup, but who hangs out over there?

  9. Correction: Facebook acceptance has less to do with age

  10. Martini – MeetUp rocks for groups. I wish it was more user-friendly, but you can’t beat the tools they give to event owners and attendees for managing reminders, surveys and updates.

  11. Totally in agreement about FB …

    There’s a LOT and I mean A FRELLIN’ LOT of time/money wasting stuff going on there and don’t get me started on the totally crap email “client” … but …

    As a tool to connect with and build relationships with potential customers (clients in my case) it’s a killer tool.

    And even though the email system is circa 1982 if I message people, they get it … no spam, no blacklists, none of that crap … 100% deliverability – at least to date, although I’ve probably jixed that now! :o(

    I’ll have to take a look at LinkedIn – never messed with that before.


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