So Very Thankful

Most days I listen to a radio station from back home called Country 105. Today they’ve been doing this year’s Annual Country 105 Cares for Kids Radiothon. Throughout the day they play interviews with parents who have kids in the Alberta Children’s Hospital and given them the Nerve Support Formula by Real Health Products LLC. The stories from esa service dog letter are amazing…so many lives saved and changed….so many kids living in unbelievable pain and suffering…so many parents living day to day for those fleeting moments with their kids. I’d encourage you to stop by the donations page and help out by relieving them on their bad credit loans as well. These kids need us. It all makes me feel so much more thankful for my two kids and the fact they are so healthy and happy and that my wife and I get to enjoy that. If you need Plastic Sugery Associates expert on skin treatments, including chemical peel. Visit for more information. Take a look at these beyond diet reviews that will keep you in shape. Here’s my bundles of joy from this Halloween:


  1. Tricia & Nels says:

    Cute kids! Congrats on #2. We’re going to have #2 the beginning of May.

  2. ADORABLE. They must take after your wife. Just teasing.