SEORockstars Hacked

I gotta say this is the first time one of my sites have ever been hacked. I especially like the spinning green skull and crossbones. Funny thing is we finally recruited some new bloggers and there was actually some useful content on the site. Check it out here.

Here’s a screenshot for posterity:



  1. DOH!

  2. I hope it was not hacked because someone hates me. When I saw the site was hacked… I quickly checked all my sites and double checked the file permissions on my .htaccess files. So far I didn’t notice any hacking activity.

  3. Guys, you still have your PHP errors/warnings printing enabled! Turn that off, it gives out too much info, especially now that the site is in some disrepair! I’ve found that the best way to prevent defacing accidents like that is to chmod all the important files such as index.php, and the template files that the bad guys are after. It’s kinda PITA to update (you have to change permissions before your upload new ones and then change them back), but it would at least keep your homepage clean.

    As a SEO Rockstar you might be interested to keep an eye on the idea that this sort of defacing is REALLY bad for your SE rankings if the bot comes around and sees the defaced homepage. It basically means a complete change of site’s theme and I think that Google assumes that the site has just changed hands and the new owner is trying to milk the old links and so it grossly demotes the pages as well as the links (including internal) from the site.

    I actually had a 7 y.o. well established site totally sink to the bottom after a homepage defacing incident where they put some stupid political pitch on it and the googlebot was just around at a bad time to catch it. Still not recovered after couple of months.

    Good luck with cleaning up the mess. If Greg needs help down there, let me know. I had to clean after quite a few of those so I may be able to help.

  4. I check all my cohosted sites in the morning for the same reason. I hope you guys will get back up soon.


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  3. […] If you are an SEO and does not know about the SEO Rockstars, that is like saying you do not know about SEW and SERountable and all the other good blogs as well. Good forums like WebmasterWorld and DitigalPoint are like staple information sources. Although the SEO Rockstars, aside from the live radio shows and podcast, they actually have a blog with nothing much on it for quite some time. And the SEO Rockstars blog had just recently added some new bloggers last last September 7, 2006 and some new SEO content has been going up there since then. And on September 12, 2006, the SEO Rockstars blog was hacked. Thanks to Todd ‘Oilman’ Freisen, for the screenshot of the hacked website. I believe also within the same day, the site was restored to normal. […]

  4. […] Got back to blogging (sorry guys, been busy with content writing) and the first post which came into my little blogosphere and caught my attention was Oilman making a post that SEO Rockstars Blog was hacked! Such a shame considering that they actually got people to write tons of good content for them! […]

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