Rand Fishkin and SEOmoz MIA

Anybody heard anything about SEOmoz and Rand? I’m concerned somthing bad has happened. My evidence? No blog post yet today! see? Somebody drive over to his office and see if the lights are on please. 🙂


  1. “p.s. – This week is a complete nightmare with interviews today: Thursday and Friday (for our new position), an all day trip Wednesday to San Francisco (for some consulting), and late evening meetings/parties tonight, Thursday, and Friday. If you see me blogging before Saturday, consider it a miracle.”


  2. heheh – I did start reading that post but it was too long 😉

  3. miracle accomplished…

  4. I guess that “Too long” comment explains Oilman’s recent posts. If he can’t read anything over 6 sentences, how would he ever write that?

    Just kidding… sort of. Maybe by doing the short posts you’ll be able to find time to do your own powerpoint for Chicago. It was a great session either way.

  5. I tell you he must be one of these people who does not need to sleep or maybe he must have 4 hands instead of 2 like us mere mortals 😉

    Seriously, I don’t mind the length as long as this is interesting stuff (just a matter of finding time to read) and Rand’s post are always: easy to read, entertaining and educative even for non expert like me.

    Keep the good stuff going.


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