Oilman Bows To Public Pressure

Well enough of you moaned, bitched, cried, whined, complained, grumbled, groused, griped, muttered, lamented, carped, ranted, protested, objected, and whinged about the last incarnation of my blog. So fine…you win. Enjoy the new design you buncha jerks.


  1. Oilman, this is a nice new blog design. It is simple, easy, straight-forward, uncomplicated, trouble-free, undemanding and effortless.

  2. ferkel69 says:

    It looks like DaveN’s new design….

  3. what’s this whole thing with the redesign frenzy with all the folks these days? LOL

    nice design, congrats

  4. agerhart says:

    hmmm…I dunno dude. Dave redesigns his blog and two days later Oilman throws up his new design. Follower 😉

  5. phaithful says:

    Aww what?! I was just learning how to use that version… 😉

  6. Similar to DaveN’s? I suppose it is but I just grabbed the only free theme that appealed to me after hours of looking at junk.

    Isn’t that the beauty of Web 2.0 tho? Assimilation and continuity? hehe

    Following Dave? I oughta slap you around Andrew 😉 I promised on Rockstars a few weeks back that if enough people bitched about the design I’d change it. Enough of you bitched 🙂

  7. Thank you, Thank you. I’m sure all the other people with bad eyesite thank you as well. The old design hurt my eyes.

  8. If we continue to bitch, will you edit / remove the part that says “This is a brief about section, you can include a picture, brief info, whatever you want. If you don’t want to display it just delete it.”

    I find it amusing… please leave it. 😉

  9. who cares if it has a similar vibe as daveN’s blog. this new design is lightyears better than your previous version. nice job.

  10. As if the follower thing needed to be confirmed, is my blog the only one without a link to Dax’s moustache auction?

    Sheep, man… sheep!

  11. Ha ha – You’re Web 2.0 now, Todd. No more making fun of me for it 🙂

  12. mumbles says:

    What are the little blue arrow button things at the bottom of the page that don’t work? What’s up with that? Sorry but I have been away for awhile and don’t rem what your old blog looked like so I don’t know if this really an improvement.

  13. blue arrow things? not sure which you’re talking about.

    Welcome back mumbles – haven’t seen your nick around for awhile. Thanks for stopping by. Trust me – the new blog is waaaay better 😉