My Favorite Blogspams

I’ve been running Akismet on this blog since day one and it’s been absolutely fantastic at catching blog spam. The false positive percentage has been nearly zero – somewhere in the 0.01% range. I normally sort through the akismet stuff every other day and double check for any errors. I’ve gathered up a few of my favorite spams for your entertainment:

Name: 414020 Blog Verification | URI: | IP: | Date: October 16, 2006

414020 Blog Verification…


***I like the use of my own url and that the seem to be trying to verify me. Good stuff.

Name: pqdfxkowrs | URI: | IP: | Date: October 17, 2006


ymjxqtedde jzsrcbbnk mndvsvsc ktmpcaiff …

***Get a ton of these one with all manner of gibberish. Clearly test posting.

dypixau | | | IP:

LOL! Realy nice joke :)

***I never joke. This is a deadly serious blog. 😉

quhoilu | | | IP:

Hello, just discovered your lovely domain today today ^^ I love the brightness and the flow of the layouts, keep it up!

***I do have a nice theme and layout but I’m fairly sure they didn’t really see it.

phentermine phentermine | | | IP:

phentermine .

***Short and to the point. Good old spam. I like that the blog is already dead too.

gambler | | | IP:

My gambling site:


***Clearly not ready to give up in spite of the new laws. Go man!!


  1. “Clearly not ready to give up in spite of the new laws. Go man!!”


  2. It’s really funny that you made links in this post to those… and only with rel=”external” (not nofollows.) Very funny. I thought you said this blog was serious.

  3. nofollow: I was actually just too lazy to edit the html of the post directly – hehe. I also went back and added a 😉 to the deadly serious but just for you Brian 🙂

  4. I think the one with a broken blog is the funniest. ROFL

  5. Altough I love Akismet too and I promoted it heavily myself, this new math plugin actually stops EVERY ONE of those 50 to 100 spam comments that Akismet catches, simply because they are not human inserted.

    You’ge got to try it.

    And if you use it in conjunction with Akismet, you can find spammers that are actually human, too.

  6. Interesting that you are having that much success with Akismet. I never bothered to set it up because I thought it wouldn’t really work (my bad). I shut off my comments / trackbacks on my blog because of comment spam. It looks like I will have to revisit the plug in and see how it works.

    BTW – I listen to rockstars all the time. Thanks for the great info…I am from Alberta, so we are practically neighbours! 🙂

  7. If u don’t want to see this message again please write me your website link at: Your url will be immediately removed from Data Base

  8. Perhaps am receiving tons of spam messages daily and it always took many hours to delete all those(I am talking about the time when I didn’t have Akismet) but now it only took a few seconds to get rid of that.


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