Free Wifi at Seattle Airport

This is for all you road warriors out there…

If you’re passing through Seatac Airport and have time to get over to the A terminal where American Airlines flies out of you can get free Wifi from Tully’s Coffee. Technically you’re supposed to by a coffee and they give you the code but it hasn’t changed the past 5 times I’ve been here 🙂 So for all you not so thirsty for a $5 coffee:

Network: Tullys
Key: 2063333333


  1. I got a flight cancelled out of Seattle coming back from Vegas Webmasterworld Conference. A client was also there that had a Club Membership for those cumfy lounge areas. This one was around the Alsaka Air Lounge and they had free Wifi also inside the lounge(ssid I believe was “Alaska”) and no password was required. If you sit outside the lounge, I would guess you could get Wifi.

    Post if it does or doesn’t work outside the lounge.