Calling All AAARRGH-O-Nauts

I’m not kidding here. Make sure your speakers are turned on:

AAARRGH!! combines the attitude and sense of fun of POP ART with serious, results-based best rated treadmills under $500 and fitness training to help each client achieve the improbable: improved health, renewed vigor, a fuller appreciation of life, and best of all, the cartoonish physique you dare to dream about.Did you ever wish you could be larger-than-life, like Jayne Mansfield wreaking havoc just walking down the street in THE GIRL CAN’T HELP IT? The aim of AAARRGH!! is to help each client achieve his own level of confidence and star quality.If you want to be an Incredible Hulk man-monster, an idealized, flawless Captain America, a sleek Spiderman or even a subtle, still-waters-run- deep Clark Kent, we can relate.

We’re there to support you and help you achieve the comic book hero that’s already inside you, just waiting to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world!!

Go forth and conquer…


  1. I’m so bummed… I don’t get any sound on my Linux system because I don’t have Java. Someone needs to tell him that Flash is so much cooler and way better for SEO… LOL.

    Nice find. Most definately a “Random Thought” post.