Viva Las Vegas

Well I’m part way to Las Vegas for Pubcon. Based on the weather reports rolling in last night for the Pacific Northwest, it was doubtful I’d be in Vegas today, but after reading a morning weather post on, as usual, it turned out that the weather people were a bit off. Seems there’s a Pineapple Express rolling our way but it’s moving slower than expected. Yay for me cuz now I can play craps today. I’m on 6 or 7 panels this year – a couple as speaker and most as moderator. I really need to not be so helpful. Hopefully craps and booze will still figure prominently into the mix. Stop by a session and say Hi. Here’s a shout to the Victoria SEO Posse I met on the flight down here. First round of drinks you guys when we get back. Let’s hit Swans and scare away the ladies with our wit and geekiness. Here’s a pic of how a Pineapple Express is formed (from wikipedia but no link – choke on it wiki).


  1. Oilman, I look forward to seeing you at Pubcon! IS there a pubcon twitter set up so we can send tweets to everyone at pubcon?

  2. Todd, I enjoyed meeting you at Pubcon. Thanks for your feedback at the site review panel with Greg and Micheal.

  3. Hi All,

    Sounds like it was a brilliant conference wish I could have gone.

    Just out of interest, I was wondering if any of you are planning to go to SES London?

    If you need a guide let me know.


    Big Al

  4. Hey Todd, Thanks for the shout out. I’m ready to scare off some ladies whenever you are. Let me know, and I’ll get the other guys together.

  5. Man I love vegas but missed Pubcon this year. Any pics or a post about your Vegas trip?

  6. And i I look forward to seeing you at Pubcon!

  7. Pubcon 2008 is scheduled for Nov 11-14. Get your trip to vegas planned for this year!

  8. Las Vegas weather is like women: you can’t never really predict them 100%

  9. Never been to Vegas during Pubcon. Surely I missed it again. Will mark my calender for this year trip.