SMX Roommate Needed

Hey all. Yeah, I know…I don’t post forever and when I do it’s to ask a favor. Calm down it’s not for me directly 😉

A very good friend of mine is trying to break into the industry and is planning on coming to SMX next week. The only hitch is the $$$. For someone just starting out it’s an expensive trip. I remember those days well, don’t you? Scraping around for a comp pass from a friend of a friend of a speaker and then booking a cheap hotel miles away from the conference or sniffing around for someone with a spare bed…good times. I know I had my share of help making inroads. It’s with this in mind that I am writing today.

Did any of you Ladies of Search out there book a double room and have a bed to spare to help out? This friend of mine is obviously female or I’d share my room but for the impropriety of it all.

Any help would be appreciated. Drop me an email (todd at oilman dot ca).


  1. I too was looking for affordable accommodation for the event and found that offered the best prices and is less than a 5-minute cab ride away for the conference center.

  2. Sorry I can’t help put this time Oil – already full house in our room 🙂
    However I DO remember waay back when money was low and we hooked up to share a room. Don’t remember who snored the most, but I’m sure it was you 😉

  3. This thread is useless without pics!

  4. Fred the Turtle says:

    I know someone who might have a room ,,,,


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