SES NY 2006 Parties

In his usual fasion Joe Morin is rounding up the party list for SES at the end of this month. Good work Joe 🙂


  1. I’m sure there will be much more happenin’ since it won’t be freakin’ -7 degrees out like SES Chicago.

  2. I attach no significance to the fact that, when your thoughts are collected, the highest % of your thoughts fall into the “random” category. 😛

    Communities (2)
    Google (10)
    MSN (6)
    Music (2)
    Random Thoughts (25)
    Search Marketing (22)
    SEO Rockstars (5)
    Software (1)
    Technology (7)
    Those Other Engines (1)
    v7ndotcom elursrebmem (1)
    Yahoo (1)

  3. I went to my first SES ever out in Chicago and I went to just about every seminar that you and Greg Boser were at.

    You guys are freakin awesome! I didn’t know anything when I went out there and I learned a lot.