Where is Communicado? Not sure but I’ll mostly be hangin out there for the next few days as we pack up the big truck and move the fam to Gig Harbor WA.

It’s funny how right after a conference the Linkedin and Facebook invites start flowing in fast and furious. I’ll get to all you folks in a week or so and confirm all your friend requests.

To all you long lost friends that have emailed…I got the emails and it was great to see you all again as well. I’ll work on some specific replies when I can. Yeah MDS, I’ll drop you a line soon 🙂

Hang tight peeps – see you on the flip side.


  1. So, how many facebook invites have you gotten from the conference?

  2. Have fun at Ikea this weekend. I’ll dye an easter egg for you.

  3. How many facebook and linkedin invites did you get? Give us numbers!

  4. Please, tell us how many invites you got. Thanks.

  5. IT’s amazing how many people that have friend requested me as well and I have no idea who they are or how they found me.

  6. Give us how many invites have you gotten please. Thanks.