I’m A Twit

yep – I swallowed the blue pill and signed up for twitter. I gotta say it’s kinda like crack. I now know that Danny is at Disneyland and going on rides and that Vanessa is having ziti for Buffy night. My life is measurably better now. For those of you that care you can follow me at www.twitter.com/oilman.


  1. so are my tweets still blank for you? Are you web viewing or mobile viewing?

  2. most of yours show up blank and some of Danny’s too.

  3. ahh, no then… I am still mastering facebook, linkedin and basic email. I’ll get there, maybe – but not being the pioneer sort myself, I’ll probably just follow you around for a while – a bit like a lost puppy. Also, it makes me feel terribly sad to see the lack of interest in my online endeavours. I actually have to write letters for some of my friends… You know – with a pen. *sigh* … But about the you being a twit thingey… ;)heh heh

  4. if you check on the web there is a “from” part, is there a commonality?

  5. all the twitters are fine on the web interface but many show up on my phone with just the twitterer’s name ie: graywolf:

  6. are you visiting regular twitter or mobile twitter on your phone http://m.twitter.com

  7. twitters show fine on both versions

    btw – what are you using to twitter your blog posts? do you have a working version of Twitter Tools?