FOO Camping

Well, FOO Camp is finally upon us. Today I’m headed to Sebastopol CA to sleep pharmacy on the floor of someone’s cubicle at the O’Reilly campus. I’m fairly certain I’m going to be the dumb guy in the crowd. Look at the attendee list and suggested topic list and tell me if I’m wrong 😉 I’ll post a round up of the event when I get home.


  1. $10 says you’ll be in the top 10% of knowledge groups relative to the rest of the folks there. 🙂

  2. i was wondering or it may just be me but i think america has taken on the camping tradition much more than the rest of the world. Cancada and USA are very in depth in their hobby for camping and hunting apposed to other international places!


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    I spent this past Sunday and Monday in Belgium, at Tim O’Reilly’s Euro Foo Camp 2006. This is the Europe-version of the Foo Camp he’s been doing for some years, where a number of people are invited to talk about and discuss whatever they want. Todd…

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