FOO Camp and New Directions

Is this blog dead or alive? I’m really not sure. I’d like to see it move ahead and get some real traffic and user input but I think I need a new direction for that. Being just another SEO/SEM blogger is simply adding to the noise echoing back folks like Danny Sullivan, DaveN and the various search engine forums

Enter FOO Camp and the broadening of my horizons.

I’m very much looking forward to participating and meeting some new folks to challenge geek world view. Though I am mildly concerned that some of them may gang up on me and beat me senseless for all the blogspam from my former life. Hey campers I’m 6’6″, 380 lbs, and know 8 maritial arts.


  1. The community can never get enough of views of da Oilman.

  2. I’ll bet you meet some interesting people plus the opportunity to play humanoid robot soccer should be fun.

    Just be careful. To some people “Tents=Deliverance”.

  3. We love you just the way you are Oilman! Don’t go changing…