Feel The Love

Must be a boring rainy day around the world. The LinkedIn and Facebook friend requests have been rolling in fast and furious today. I’ve literally received more requests today than in any previous month. I even accepted a few. Some are people I know and drink with at shows and others are people I really barely know or don’t know at all. For example a VP of a television network wanted to link up. Cool. Can you bring back Firefly for me?

btw – social networks are one thing but don’t abuse my IM. There’s been a rash of folks getting my AIM id from somewhere and starting up a conversation in the middle of my day. I don’t really mind that so much as after a couple minutes of the usual pleasantries the next message is “Hey do you have a digg account?”. If I didn’t hardly know you before you added yourself to my IM list do you really think that I’m sitting here waiting to digg shit for you?


  1. HAHAHAHA, I think that dick has been IMing me too!

  2. Richard Farmdale says:

    I keep reading a few higher profile bloggers write about how linkedin is no longer cool and how facebook is the new amazing place for business professionals and working people. I spent time looking at and critically examining facebook, their offer and the users who congregate there. I browsed about 70 profiles on facebook. Every single profile was of a 18-25 year old doing Jello shots of some chicks abs. I didn’t see a single professional profile or a person over 25ish. OK so no professionals here…why is this useful for professionals then? Then I looked at the applications and widgets available on facebook and all of them were for entertainment purposes (music, movies, jokes)…nothing for professionals so why is this useful for professionals?? I went to groups and saw more college age kids hooking up and socializing…no business or networking groups. I didn’t see any business or industry news or information and I could not find a way to be introduced to professionals in specific industries. PEOPLE – Either I have completely missed something or facebook is offering bloggers access to their IPO to pump up the site.

    What do you think is more likely? That an application built for college kids is more useful then other applications built for professionals or that there is a pump and dump scenario brewing?

  3. wow man that sucks, I’m totally with you.

    Oh and BTW since you mentioned Digg I’ve got this story … 🙂

  4. Now how do I redirect that Linkedin Invitation link to a Paypal addy…

  5. What happened to SEO rockstars?

  6. facebook is a boon as well as bane. you can now ensure faster collaboration, networking with tools like Facebook 🙂

    so you can look at it both wways, when people connect with you they might want to do so to share some information with you

  7. That is really funny. I went to SEO Class this week and GrayWolf said the same thing. Stop trying to get us to DIGG shit.

    Sorry to hear that. Ill make sure to only contact you if its to introduce myself.

  8. I am thinking of making a t-shirt out of a screen shot I made of my inbox which literally was full of hundreds of “you have been tagged” messages. Facebook is about 10 times more popular than it was even a few months ago when SMX happened…

  9. remember me from wmr? 😛 it’s been a while.. if you don’t mind you think you could email me your im info since i don’t wmr irc anymore? if not that’s cool… thanks todd look forward to chatting with you. //g

  10. It’s funny that you posted this, as a link to your blog was in my bookmarks and I had no idea who you were or how it got there. Welcome to the thousand-contact universe I guess.

  11. I hate that too. I get people from Digital Point all day starting up conversations either want SEO advice or trying to sell me there “outsourced” seo service. What I don’t get is why would I want to outsource myself? Is this where we are headed in America???



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