Digglets, ABCs and 123s

I just had an interesting IM chat with and SEO buddy of mine. He recently had an article on his blog that got dugg and brought a pile of traffic. Here’s the transcript slightly modified to protect his identity:

[13:36] xxxxxxxx: My first Digg got over 2000Diggs. ; )
[13:36] oilmanseo: yeah – that’s killer
[13:36] oilmanseo: they must not know you’re an seo 😛
[13:36] xxxxxxxx: Can’t tell from my blog unless you actually read it. ; )
[13:37] oilmanseo: no fear of a digglet doing that LOL
[13:37] xxxxxxxx: Exactly.
[13:37] xxxxxxxx: I didn’t have any ads on the site and it’s a wordpress domain too.
[13:38] xxxxxxxx: Think that helped.
[13:38] oilmanseo: definitly

All this chat shows is more of what we already know about digglets and echo’s Dannys sentiments that digglets don’t bother to read anything before passing judgment.

So here’s 10 Things We Know About Digglets.

  1. digglets don’t like to read beyond the description – they’re the sound bite generation
  2. digglets like bulleted lists (the post mentioned above was a 10 Things kinda list
  3. digglets hate SEOs – so don’t have those letters anywhere near the content getting dugg
  4. digglets hate MS
  5. digglets love Apple
  6. digglets love most any flavor of Linux
  7. digglets don’t read well
  8. digglets count better than they read
  9. digglet traffic doesn’t covert
  10. digglets are generally left wing (watch out NRA)

ok digglets – digg me down.


  1. It also got him onto a whole bunch of very big blogs for the first time and about 100 links & counting in a couple of days. As long as some of them read that’s all that matters 🙂

    BTW – his alexa chart is quite amusing…

  2. You really can’t judge diggers that quickly. Yes there are some digger like this. What you are saying is no different than that guy saying 90% of SEO’s are spammers or when shoe said 90% of SEO is easy. I am a digger and I am one of the few that reads a lot of the comments. If you read the comments you will see lots of debates. You need to order the comments as they were posted. The default is set to highest rating. Digg has a large diverse community.

    The problem is the people you describe are the ones who like to make comments and bury things and bump comments up and down.

    Because if Diggers hated SEO then Danny would not be the number 2 podcast on the digg business section.


  3. I guess I’m not an SEO… although the post that got dugg on my blog was about Linux – and a special flavor, too. Frosted Linux Charms is what I called it… and it made for a few links. 🙂

    Then again, how useful can a service be when all I’ve seen tonight is “Digg is experiencing a high volume of traffic right now. Please try your search again later.”

  4. I think its more a case of suspicion that hate for SEO, I think a lot of that feeling is motivated by mis-understanding.

    Which isn’t hugely surprising I don’t know about Linux & a lot of the other topic popular on digg. SEO’s problem is amongst the digg audience SEO is short hand for spam, quite how to correct them on that is an interesting question.

  5. Digglets = muppets 🙂

  6. That´s funny!
    Expecially this point:

    digglets don’t like to read beyond the description – they’re the sound bite generation


  7. Aw, David, you’re so earnest. Oh, and I think that 90% of SEOs are spammers. Some are good spammers, some are bad spammers, but most of them are spammers of some sort. I, too, was once an SEO…and spammer. You know, if optimizing is “spamming”, I was guilty. I’m out of it now, since Google killed me a couple of years ago, and I didn’t feel like brushing myself off and reinventing.

    I don’t have a Digg account yet, but I’d be a Digg’r anomaly, I guess – liberal, Mac hater, MS lover (okay, tolerater), excellent reader, math hater, bullet liker, SEO liker & hater, depending on the SEO…and my traffic rarely converts because if there’s an affiliate dollar to be made, I want it to go into my own pocket.

    Off to go get a Digg account, because I want to be a Digglet. It sounds chewy and tasty.