Spider Simulators and Dave Pasternack

This Dave Pasternack contest has been a bit of fun. I’ve been surfing through my logs here for the blog and came across someone using a spider simulator ostensibly to figure out how I came from nowhere to leading the pack. Nice try kids. I could tell you all but that would certainly remove the air of mystery surrounding the SEO in play here.

Hats off to Dave and Kevin too. They’ve been SEOing their asses off gathering links and futzing with the bio pages on the site. Keep trying guys – you’re almost there…

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  1. I guess you’ve just got skills. And, if you ever want to send them south of the border, like WAAAAAY south, let me know 😉

  2. grass roots link acquisition campaign

  3. The guy who says SEO doesn’t work is doing SEO? How funny… wonder if he wants a big glass of water to wash those words he’s eating down with… 🙂

  4. Wow!

    I just hope you are peaking too soon!

  5. Oops

    I hope your NOT peaking too soon.

  6. LMAO. You talked a lot of trash in basketball too didn’t you? 🙂

    Nice work.

  7. I actually talk far more trash in SEO than I ever did in basketball 😉

  8. Well I am throwing my hat in also. It’s too funny now seeing how much effort people are using because of his comments. I did a little research this morning on your efforts Oil. Impressive on your movement so soon in the SERPS.

  9. Oilman, Im impressed at your campaign. I also applaud you for recognising the real Dave Pasternack will need some assistance after all of this – my proposal is to take my entry and change it around in such a way that it helps keep him at page 1 and the did-it one off page one.

    Interestingly everyone holds link campaigns in high regard – my entry has no link campaign at all, it has only been entered on 4 or 5 blog entries, generates very little traffic (60 hits since Feb 02) and is at number 7…maybe people place to much importance on it ;)…oh and it doesnt have the name of the guy in the URL either 😉


  10. In fact on further investigation – I am not so impressed with it now I check the entries on Technorati and see something amounting basically to spam of their boards. Surely we can manage to achieve these things without placing false links into their directory 😉