Dave Pasternack

Well I wanted a horse in this race so here we go:

Dave Pasternack

From his bio page:

Dave Pasternack founded Did-it Search Marketing with Kevin Lee in 1996. Prior to Did-it’s founding, he founded United States Information Corporation, which became one of the largest electronic publishers of Federal Government bidding and contract information in the United States. Dave’s first computer industry direct marketing company, Logicsoft, was founded in 1980 and was named by Inc. Magazine as the fastest growing private company of 1984.

Dave Pasternack on Wolf Howl

Dave Pasternack on DM News


  1. Todd

    I hear by vote you 1 one back link from a lowly SEM Blog. If you can pull this one off, you’ve earned your rockstar status.

  2. Blogged, linked, and stumbled. Watch the traffic roll. šŸ˜‰

  3. Hi Todd,

    It’s always a pleasure to run into a genuine “white hat” SEOer. BTW, your entry for Dave Pasternack (that’s me) is showing up in Google’s “News” tab today, although I don’t yet see it in the “Web” tab.

    This will be an interesting race!

    Dave Pasternack
    Did-it Search Marketing

  4. Dave Pasternack trying to link build for his own site? Jackass. Sorry Dave Pasternack, these are nofollow links.

  5. I wish I could say that I admire your business communications skills, HighRank, but I do not.

    Dave Pasternack
    Did-it Search Marketing

  6. Business communications skills? Interesting choice of words. šŸ˜‰

    There’s only a few weeks left for this contest, so I thought I’d check in…and see that Graywolf, Oilman, and Webguerilla are back at it again.

    I suspect that Dave Pasternack isn’t really trying himself to link build for his own site, I suspect that someone else is most likely doing it.

  7. Dave Pasternack,

    Wish I could say I admire your opinions, but I don’t.


  8. Todd,

    You’re now one spot back now of Dave’s bio page in the Dave Pasternack SEO contest. He’s fallen on multiple DC’s to 6 and you’ve moved up to 7.


  9. As usual, your horse is rising fast my friend šŸ™‚

  10. I see your page in #1 as of 9am this morning Todd. Enjoy šŸ™‚

  11. Grats on the #1 spot.

  12. lol..

  13. This is fun. Can we play again? šŸ˜‰

  14. My Hero – this morning I see you in the #1 spot on Google as well.

    BTW Dave, your link dropping all over the place is really lame, you even did that crap on my blog, sad, really sad.

    Speaking of business communications skills, you would probably best be served if you stopped using yours Dave, they appear to be about as good as your SEO skills, and that’s not saying much.

    Good Luck on the #1 spot Oil, hold the fort!

  15. Blogged,linked and tagged.

  16. I am still wondering why dave thought it was going to be a race still šŸ™‚


  1. […] I never see the ROI in SEO contests, Dave Pasternack of Did-It asked for it when he made the bold assertion that SEO consultants were not worth the money. […]

  2. Dave Pasternck Contest Update…

    I had a bit of a chuckle yesterday when I checked out the SERPS & Dave Pasternack held the number 1 & number 2 position for the keyword. It’s hovering at position 1 now.

    I think I’m sitting around position 19 or so, with little o…

  3. […] Companies that want to grow their business understand the importance of being on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo and even MSN.Ā Even more important is being in the top 5 (Danny has a great postĀ on his review of the recent study by MSN.Ā )Ā  Guess what? Only 10 web pages can show up in the top 10. Know what else? Only 5 pages can be listed in the top 5! Wow! Startling revelation right? Good thing I kept that calculator from statistics class in college. The best results usuallyĀ come from being listed near the top and anyone that has optimized sites for a living understands that the sites with the best content don’t always show up at the top. It’s the uneducated like Dave Pasternack and Jason Calacanis (SEO-wise undeducated) who make rediculous comments like they’ve been making of late. But hey, they may be playing the link baiting game right? For example, the PasternackĀ bio pageĀ (even with the Pasternack SEO contest)Ā  is now # 2 on GoogleĀ because of the influx of links he acquired after hisĀ moronic rant.Ā The bottom line is that competition drives business.Ā Businesses hire SEO companies because they want to grow their revenue by appearing higher in the search engines then their competitors. As long as businesses compete with each other, there will always be a demand for SEO. […]

  4. […] He’s added a nice footer link on the Did-it site,Ā  as Greywolf pointed out Ā Dave PasternackĀ has been spamming MyBloglog (Dave…have you been watching those incredibly educational Gary Ruplinger videos?).Ā He’s also been all over the SEO blogosphere leaving comments on people like Oilman’s Dave Pasternack pageĀ and even no name bloggers like myself. […]

  5. […] Listen, Pasternack.Ā  We all know what you and Jason Calacanis call “SEO” is indeed pretty easy (unless you have idiot clients who unravel all your hard work every three months).Ā  In fact, I really don’t even call that SEO anymore.Ā  I have always called that Search Engine Compliance.Ā  Organize the information in such a way that it optimizes your on-page factors.Ā  On-page factors that count, oh, about 5% (at best) in your ability to rank in competitive natural search. […]

  6. […] Now to be honest I don’t have the time to enter an SEO contest but I do feel that Dave Pasternack made some pretty clueless comments with regards to SEO. Instead i’m gonna through some juice at a couple of guys who blogs are on my feed reader and see if i can bump them up a little. Oilmans Dave Pasternack Page […]

  7. […] I personally do not know Jason Calcanis and I have heard from various podcast, read from various blogs and forums talking about what he said that SEO is bullshit, and you should just come up with good content. And I have heard and read the post of WebGuerrilla, Oilman and Graywolf on David Parternack, pretty much delivering the same message and comparing SEO over PPC. And I’ve heard other people talking about SEO is not really rocket science. Well for me, after hearing it all, I just feel to lazy to even react. But I tell you, I am all for SEO. But then again, comparing this with PPC and other forms for marketing, every part has a piece of the pie. Sometimes some websites might have a bigger pie slice for SEO, sometimes a bigger slice for PPC. […]

  8. […] I’ve been catching up on some podcast listening, including the 2-week-old SEO Rockstars show when Greg and Todd were talking about the Dave Pasternack contest. Todd announced that he’d be putting a horse in the race, which can be found here: Dave Pasternack. […]