Danny Sullivan Leaves Incisive

Shocking but not terribly suprising I must say. Incisive has made an absolutely retarded decision not to whatever it takes to keep Danny on board. To me and to nearly every other SES regular I know Danny=SES. So that means that where Danny goes people will follow. Does that mean a new conference circuit? Who knows? but Danny has promised to keep us all informed as he moves forward. Head over to Daggle and grab the rss or join his Yahoo! Group.


  1. Bonehead move. This move will bite them right in the ass for sure. Danny is a visionary who has been the main reason ses/sew are where they are and to totally disrespect the man by not even talking to him with a open mind about what he needed to stay onboard will prove to be the biggest regreet you jackasses ever make!

    Tee CEO

    P.S. (Stolen from a seen in Jerry Maguire) I Will Come with you Jerry:).

  2. Shoemoney had some great linkbait there for sure… but yes, Todd, Danny=SES. I’m already thinking that without Danny, SES won’t be as attractive for me to speak at. Not that I speak anywhere else or attend anything else regularly, but Danny really makes SES fun through mutual respect and the personal involvement he gives it.

    He’s just such a “Bigger than life” type of personality… and he really seems to care about those of us that are involved with the conference. He’ll be tough to replace. Not that it can’t be done, just that those shoes are way too big for anyone I can think of to fill, so I can’t see it ever being the same.


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