Thundercougarfalconbird – The World of Mashups

I’ve become quite a fan of mashups lately. The merging of 2 or more existing products to create a whole new product really resonates with me. Mashups have been around for a long long time – remember that mix tap you made for the blonde chick 3 seats behind you in high school chemisty lab? In my case her name was Christy and I’m fairly sure REO Speedwagon and Concrete Blond made their way onto that tape but I digress…

I was going to register a new domain and start a new blog all about mashups (the tech kind – not the mix tape kind) but why split the effort? Clickity-click – new category in WordPress install – and we’re off.

I’d like to start with overplot, a mashup of, the Google Maps API and Google Reader. I came across this by way of Nat at O’Reilly. First off, OiNY is a gathering of the, more often than not, typically off beat things heard in the streets of NY. That alone is fun enough for example:

Guy: How do you get to Astor Place?
Old man: You go up 2 blocks, make a left, then go fuck yourself.

–10th St & 5th Ave

Gather this feed up and use the cross street information to plot occurances and make it searchable and you can find some intersting things about about NY. Things like:

  • Canada is not a hot topic on the streets
  • Penis is 13 times more popular as a topic than Canada is
  • There is a fair bit of cursing on the streets of NY

Anyhow – go check it out. The mashup is fun and OiNY will become a daily read. You’ll feel better about yourself.